Written by MARIA IULIA C.,11th D


 There once was a rug who could talk

But he didn’t like math

He tried to fly

But he almost died

And looked like a pumpkin pie.


One unspoken word

Who would fly like a bird

Rolled away some stones

 But broke all his bones

Tried also to love.



ioana CATELINA,10C8


Written by IOANA C.,10th C


There once was a man from Greece

    Who wanted to go to his friend Trish

    He wanted a lot of money

    But he had only a few little boxes of honey

    And this can’t be funny.

ioana CATELINA,10C2

A fragile winter butterfly

    Who lived for one single day 

    Says now goodbye.

    He wanted not to die

    But  God needed

    A beautiful butterfly, up in the sky.

ioana CATELINA,10C3 

The unspoken word

Of one small bird

Wanted to be spoken

Because it felt choked

And very broke.

 ioana CATELINA,10C4

She wants to confess her feelings

To her friend who feels like a king 

And wants not to sing 

Like a hurt bird 

Who knows nothing of the world.

ioana CATELINA,10C5

Old Mother Goose

Who likes to drink a lot of juice

Searches now for her cruse 

But her friend the moose

Stole her cruse

And can no longer fill it with juice.

When  Mother Goose

Found her cruse

This was full of mousse

Of orange juice

ioana CATELINA,10C1



madalina craciun,10d2


Written by MADALINA,10th D

The once was a crocodile who could talk
It swam so fast like a clock
He  had a lot of golden scales 
Which were sharp like the nails
But it was hit by a sock

madalina craciun,10d8

There once was a man from Greece
And he was alone on the streets
I  believe he ate a cat
Because he was big and fat
Of course , he loved the sweets and to eat

madalina craciun,10d6

A fragile winter butterfly
Had met with a small firefly 
They flew away as far as heaven
But ‘cause of frost they were dead and
they couldn’t touch the perfect sky

madalina craciun,10d7

Old mother of mine flees so quickly
Even if it is so suddenly
She wanted to catch her son
Which is colored all in brown
But  a small white patch

madalina craciun,10d9




Written by AMALIA S,10th D


There once was a flea, who could talk,

Obviously he wanted to walk.

But because of the wet sea,

He just slipped and broke the tree,

And still wanted to be free.


A fragile winter butterfly

Never ever told a lie

But he learned to touch the sky

And the pain made him cry

So he stayed nearby.


Old mother goose

Pissed off  Bruce.

She made a moose,

And they made truce.





 Written by ADELA S,10 th C

We leave in a world of hate

Everywhere you look you can’t see anything great.

Love is cheap, trust is ill

We can fight to keep us still.

The hope was covered by the faith

We want to change our destiny but it is too late

Even the sun is powerless

To give light to our darkness.



Written by ADELA,10th C


We try to do, to be, to make,

To live like others, but we need a break.

Let’s look a little at our ways

If we don’t want to regret all our days.

Change your mind, your soul forever

And when you want to comeback say: “NEVER!”

And when you want to go back say: ’NEVER!’





Written by IOANA C,10th C


There once was a very funny bear

    who liked to drink too much beer.

    He wanted to sell all the honey

    To have some money

    To buy beer.



Written by IOANA C ,10thC


 There once was a fish who could talk 

    but on Facebook  he had contacts who’d rock

    and he wanted a lot of friends

    but all  believed  in ends

    and nobody wanted  to speak with a click.





                     Written by ANDREEA,10th C

Many hate what they owned
       When their house started
       To burn with a lot of fire
       Only because of his desire.
       Suddenly I started to cry
       And many planes fly,
       Man is his own star
       So I got into the car.
       And I entered a magical world
       Where everything was so wrong
       Because the light was not very good
       And I was not in a good mood.
       But then everything returned to normal
       And I saw an animal
       Who brought  me home.
       I will return!




                                              Broken heart

                                     Written by  CRISTINA,9th C

      I’ll like to tell you something

        I’d better keep hidden inside

        I wish I could do everything right

        But there’s no one to listen to me.


I’d love to be with you, have you near me

It would be a “happy curse”

My heart was on fire when you told me:

“I Love U !!! ”

I was flying , I was on the top of the world

But I fell off.


Today I prefer to keep silent again

Because there is no point

Valentine’s Day will be just me and our song

A chocolate and your memory ,like a ghost.


You know that I love you, I wait you

But I’m afraid that you’ll hurt me again

Because you have bullets in your words

And you will me hurt me worse.CRISTINA,9C.JPG7



andrada POPA,10C1


Written by ANDRADA,10th C

There is something black or white 

In our lives at midnight. 

We feel hot or cold or strange

We can’t find the source of knowledge.

If the moon didn’t come

And the sun died in flame

 I feel the same

When my answers 

Become problems.

Is it bright the ice?

Can darkness be the fire?

I will say this thing twice:

“Our <<rational>> mind is a big liar”

Don’t hate

Don’t love too late

This is our existence…

Don’t become tense !

Just live!

Just laugh!

Just love ! 

 andrada POPA,10C3


Written by ANDRADA ,10th C


Yesterday there was a tornado 

And I felt ”terminado”

I can’t see no more..

What are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to help me?

Can’t you see?

I’m on the floor 

Close the door

Only you must  see me…

With you, I feel free

My shadow, my smoke, my pills 

With you I don’t need a SIS

My black shadow, I feel weak

I need a trick ! 

I don’t feel my feet

There is a terrible heat

It’s so hot…

I have a simple thought

If I’m in inferno

What I should do?

Yes, to pass ”rapido”

My shadow, I’m an angel, I’m so immaculate 

You are black and  so close,


The light

The night

I burn

I turn

I hope


andrada POPA,10C4




Written by ANNAMARIA T.,10th D


Cartoons had a powerful influence on us in our golden years: the childhood. We all loved them deeply and we all watched them motionless with sparkling eyes even if we didn’t understand too much.

One of the greatest mystery in my life is how come our favorite cartoons unexpectedly began when dinner or lunch was ready! Or maybe it was just a brilliant excuse to skip dinner and we would hopeful yell “but mom, my favorite show is on”! Admit it, we all did it shamelessly.

Maybe, as kids we liked cartoons that much because of the impossible being possible: ghosts, talking dogs, surviving  a mortal jump, characters killed in an episode and alive in the next one, and the most shocking one, cartoons taught us that if a massive iron falls right on your head, you will survive, for sure.

And much more! Like breathing underwater or in the cosmic space, talking to animals is absolutely normal, a prince will kiss you and suddenly you’re married. But for us, as kids, everything was absolutely normal.ANNAMARIA TARTAREANU13

Older cartoons taught us to be jolly,  to help each other, our friends and family. And no, I’m not talking about Mickey Mouse Club. I find out that cartoons are a meaningless bunch of unimportant dialogues, as if kids were retarded.

Today’s cartoons’ biggest problem is that nothing has a drop of originality and they’re trying too hard to reproduce reality, which is not the actual point of cartoons. This is my opinion at least.

I consider that the crazier and unrealistic the cartoons may be, the better. After all, this is the true beauty of cartoons. To destroy any barriers of our mind and  set our intelligence on the infinite road of imagination, to set us free. Their purpose should be to take us away from our monotonous, boring daily schedule.  We all need to get out of the cage and be a little crazy. OR MORE???

And, that’s all folks!



bota andra,10d,1


Written by ANDRA B.,10th D

The monkey has a date

 at the love restaurant,

 took the car of a man

 and flew up in the heaven

 to see first the angels.

 bota andra,10d,2


Written by ANDRA B.,10th D

Parents have a lot of clashes

and want to see the perfect statues.

 The soldier was so hot

that the house burned down.

It’s nonsense to go on…

bota andra,10d3


diana damaris,10d1


     Written by DIANA DAMARIS,10th D


A scary shadow born from a big river,

Came to me to whisper something new:

It saw another shadow from the moon

Who followed me and tried to catch my hand.


 It can only touch my shoes  

Because… I don’t know… it’s too small…

The first big shadow stands in front of me

But the little strange shadow is still following me!


I ask then: ‘Why the moon is closer?’

But when I went down the dark street

Both of them –shadows- leave me!

I ask the moon: ‘You ate them both again?’


diana damaris,10d3


Written by DIANA DAMARIS,10th D

I am in heaven now.

I’m not a simple girl

I can see now inside myself

I see how I can have more love,

More courage to be wiser

More than  down there, on  earth.

I’m not a simple girl, my life is larger,

 more beautiful than I believed it could have been.

The heaven is all I dream,

Because the darkness is now light

And now all that I can see,

It is the best, it is reality!


diana damaris,10d4




Written by ADELA,9th C


What is black and what is white?

What is fire and the ice?

Black is evil, white is pure

But you always want more.

Even if is good or bad,

We don’t have to look back.

We just have to say it once…

You want fire or the ice?


What is death and what is life?

What is present and the past?

Who’s the person in disguise?

If I want you is desire,

And I feel like I’m on fire…

What if I don’t like ice?

Will I burn one more time?


Life is like a game,

We are playing it again,

Until we find the end…



I want to become an interesting person


        “I guess my life was interesting enough for                                            one day!”

                                 Written by DAN P.,9th C

I want to become an interesting person so I decided to make more exercises to build up a macho body. After a few push ups I felt too exhausted to continue. Exercises weren`t good…. They took too much time to give results…

I started to think: “ what else can I do to make myself more interesting???” the answer came in, like a wreaking ball and knocked me to the ground. I was still shocked upon impact but I could clearly see a basketball next to me. “ I can be a basketball star” I thought while I was trying to stand up with some help from my classmates…

A shocking truth paralyzed me when I realized that it will be even more difficult than my previous plan.

I guess…I pasted out… I woke up in surgery with this thought in my mind: “I guess my life was interesting enough for one day!”




Which will be better?

Written by GEORGY,9th C

I began to write a poem

And I don’t know about what,

I want to shine in the teacher’s eyes.

I think that I’ll write about my heart

Or about shining  or passion…

Which will be better?

For the beginning I have some ideas,

But I don’t know which  to  choose.

I know that:

My heart is love,

That shines in it’s the purity,

My passion is the fire of love,

But which will be better?



lavinia ioana ,9c.1


Written by LAVINIA IOANA,9th C


Love is like a firework that shines in the sky,

Hate is the darkness but don’t worry, don’t cry!

Good always wins and one day you will fly

like this perfect and magnificent butterfly.

Somehow the evil will disappear and I

will be happy to tell him my precious goodbye.

            Bye, bye my impossible night,

            sorry, but it’s time for the light.

            And this beautiful color, white,

            will fight

            for our human right.

Because when bad things happen our feelings are weird

Truth is untruth, and people become feared.

Lies are everywhere and if you’re a different kid,

They judge you for what you did.

            But yes, I’m proud of me

            Because it’s how it is supposed to be.

 lavinia ioana ,9c



                         Cutting Classes

               written by AMALIA S.,1Oth D

I remember the first time I didn’t go to school because I decided to take a day off, and not just any day, but my birthday!

I woke up with some crazy ideas in my mind, and even I was surprised by my unusual thoughts. I was always the well-behaved girl in my class, and for one day, I just wanted to make my birthday a sparkling one! And that’s exactly what I did!

My best friend showed up at my door with a big cake that morning, and I shared my plans with her for that day! She was so surprised, I could see it in her eyes, but deep down I knew she was super excited to do something rebellious! I wanted all for my birthday that year: sun, fun and friends!

So we decided to go to a private pool, which was above the highest building in town! We dressed with my mom’s clothes, put on big sunglasses and fancy hats. I didn’t think for one second that something could go wrong, we even got through the scary doorman who let us inside without IDs, thanks to my best friend’s white lies.

I felt nothing but joy and freedom that day, until I took my hat and sunglasses off and jumped in the pool right next to my young and good looking physics teacher! All that joy seemed to go away, and I panicked! He had a judgmental look in his eyes, but I smiled nicely and explained that it was my birthday, and all I wanted was to be a rule breaker for one day! I was the luckiest person that day, when his judgmental look disappeared and he smiled at me and wished me “Happy Birthday” and said that being a rule breaker sometimes it’s what makes our life more interesting, as long as there are no consequences, and that it was ok what I did as long as it was not going to repeat again!AMALIA SLEVAS,10D2




Written by ADELA,10th C

Friendship is a bridge over the deepest precipice: social class, title or even race. “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

When you have difficult problems in your life and you don’t know what to do, having a true friend near you is like a gift from heaven. When your heart is broken and all you hear is offence and you are discouraged,an advice from a loyal friend gives you the power to continue the fight.

Friendship is based on love and trust or without this, our life is meaningless. Love brings people together building friendship and making people see that they can change the world for the better.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are. People don’t need friends who judge them: world is full of this kind of persons: they find all your imperfections without seeing their own shortcomings. They look down on you like you are inferior and you don’t need their attention. Everybody needs someone who loves them exactly how they are and helps to become special people.

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than government. It is almost the equal of family. ” A day spend with a close friend is always a day well spent. You will never feel sad when you stay in the company of the right person. Friends are the most important and special ingredient in the recipe called ‘life’.

Never say you are happy when you are sad, never say you are fine when are not ok, never say you feel good when you feel bad… but most important: never say you are alone when you have a friend who is still alive…





                  Written by ANDREI P.,11th D

At that time I knew that my 20 bucks spent on that Witch’s prediction were not lost. I wasn’t surprised. It finally happened something interesting in my boring life. I am a big fan of those SF movies with wizards, dragons and knights on Pegasus (a horse with giant wings, able to fly) and I have a huge collection of this kind of books.

The flying book was my favorite book, named “Draconia”. It also started glowing yellow, like the colors of the dragons from the book. It seemed that the book takes the characteristics of the story written in it.

I found this book flying above my bed, the place where I left it, so I headed to my Bookshelf from the other room. There was a disaster, if you could name it like this because all my books were alive, I mean they were not talking or walking…but…

I considered them alive by the simple fact that they could reproduce their own characteristics in a 3D manner! (this could be the scientific explanation!). But how could they do this?

I simply liked to believe it was magic. I got new friends, and  a free  medium as well, because after I introduced myself to my book called “The Oracle”, it started to tell me my future, until I had enough and I shouted “Shut up, you annoy me already”. I was distracted by the little dwarfs from the “Miners from Moria” that were digging a hole in my wall, but that was nothing in comparison with my melted carpet caused by  the “Lava hound” …I was somehow feeling sick!

Then something ,SOMETHING ELSE happened… All my books were flying in the direction of my kitchen, where I left my gift from my dad.  The thickest book from my collection had over 1000 pages . “The Portal”. All my books were dragged into A  portal by a massive force of suction! I placed myself in the front of the portal…blocking the entry, but as the books hit me, they pushed my body into the portal and I was reduced TO A ONE INCH-TALL CREATURE and absorbed by that giant book …At that moment I lost my consciousness…

I was woken up by the sound of a dragon ,laying on the grass. I didn’t know if it was a hallucination or a real dragon! I started walking  in the direction of a huge castle, with my head in the sky, and I almost stepped over a dwarf’s house. At that moment I realized the portal didn’t destroy my books. It combined them, all in one! I had to hurry and disable the portal and recover my books, I had to go to “The Elder”, the only one powerful enough to help me restore the things…

In my path, I found a Pegasus that was hurt but I managed to heal him with some mystical herbs I found. I knew how I could find them because all my books had been combined in a single one which contained all the information I needed. Pegasus managed to fly again, and he wanted me to fly with him. I think he read my mind… We were heading straight to the castle…and…

I can say that it was my greatest experience ever, I never felt so free, it was simply amazing…

When I arrived at the castle, the whole edifice was surrounded by black clouds. It was not raining though; there were just a few pinkish lightings… The   entire structure was surrounded by a strange dark aura that made me feel afraid, reluctant to enter…  I knew The Elder was imprisoned there and that I was the only one that could possibly help him in that situation. I did this for my books; I wanted them back as they had been before all these things happened…

I entered and I found myself in a large hallway, with lots of paintings on the wall .The characters from the paintings were alive, they were watching me as they were speaking with each other. I walked and walked, and walked, until I found a dead-end… A huge face on an enormous painting covering the entire wall was on the wall, in front of me! The painting opened its eyes   and asked me the password. If the password was right, I could see The Elder but if the password was wrong, I could be dead.

“Ennyn Durin Aran Moria. Pedo mellon a Minno. Im Narvi hain echant. Celebrimbor o Eregion tethant. I thiw hin”, this was the right password! I remembered it from the book (or even from the movie)…

The wall decomposed brick by brick, and I could enter the chamber where The Elder was. He was very old, short, and he was wearing an orange robe. He told me I was the only one who could close the portal from the valley of the dragons.

He gave me the key telling me that the incantation for closing the portal was known just by me, and all I needed was the key. I just needed to fly with my Pegasus to the middle of the valley and avoid the gigantic angry dragons! No kidding!!! Was that all??? Piece of cake for a superhuman or for a hero from my books but not for me! I can barely do 15 push-ups!ANDREI PACURAR,11D2,

In spite of that I flew with my Pegasus, my eyes closed… I thought that by doing this, I could be less scared by the dragons! My Pegasus was a coward, just as I was…He abandoned me at the border of the valley! I lay down on the ground for a while, thinking about what to do… At that time, a huge branch came from nowhere and grabbed me… I was dragged towards a massive tree…It was an Ent, a very old tree, older than the dragons, the Protector of the valley; he told me he was THERE to help me get to the portal, and he showed me an underground tunnel dug by his roots…

I got right in the front of the portal, the key in my hand and the incantation in my mind, but as I was placing the key in its place, a dragon attacked me; I was defended by a knight in a black armor, riding a rainbow…In that moment, all the dragons were heading towards us; some of them were throwing giant boulders and others were spitting fire…

Just as I was pronouncing the incantation, a giant boulder hit me…

I woke up in my bed with a massive bump on my head, my books were all over me and my shelf was down…

I realized then that my books were too heavy for my shelf (that was right above my head )and it fell right on my head!

This was the scientific explanation, but what if I closed the portal just in time? We will never know…



Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY4

Rudyard Kipling :IF

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;
If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:.
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!
poza noi-BISCA RAUL,11D10
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!



   THIS IS THE WRITERRAUL BISCA,11D,                 My super-hero

         Written by RAUL B.,11th D

            Have you ever seen a super-hero? I think that yes, because everyone has seen one on TV, but have you ever met one in reality? I really don’t know about you, but I live with my super-hero in the same house! Maybe if I ask you about who he or she is you’ll fail to give me the right answer so I’ll just tell you the truth:

 My super-hero is my mom!!!

 Wait! WHAT? Your mom? Is she an alien or something like this?

 NO! She’s human and she hasn’t got special powers, costumes or abilities!!! She’s just the best mom in the world and that’s not all about her!!!MOM1

 Why do I call her my super-hero or why is she my life model? It’s simple! She is beautiful, kind to other people, very smart and she is fashionable too!!! But these ones aren’t the best reasons for which she’s a hero. Sometimes, when I look into her eyes I see a special light that shines all the time which gives me power and makes me happy!!!

            What I’ve always called special about her is that she’s not just my mom, she’s my favorite chef, the best cleaner, a great student, the most intelligent psychologist, the best worker, a woman with a lot of style and finally my best friend!!! Maybe a lot of people see her like a normal woman but her friends have always known that she has something special and different!!! Since I was a little child, I’ve known that she’s my protective angel and that she’s the hero that has brought me with the legs on Earth. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love her, but I think that she already knows …

            As I said that she’s my best friend, even if I’m already 16 and I’m close to becoming an adult. I find peace and calm and my happiness in her arms. She understands my immature behavior, she’s there for me when I’m in love… I’ve always told her about how I’ve fallen in love and she always gives me the best pieces of advice for my situations and especially for my future.

I think that she’s more that an angel, because she’s there when I’m happy, she’s there when I’m sad, she’s there when I lose myself, she’s there when I learn, when I eat, when I fall, when I cry, when I have an exam, when I play basketball and she’ll always be in my hear!!!MOM2

            She’s my mom, her name is A. and I love her and my dad more than anything in this world…

poza noi-BISCA RAUL,11D11



Teenagers and Bad Habits

Written by OVIDIU G.10th E

Bad habits are pathetic. I don’t understand, if you drink alcohol every day and get drunk and if you smoke every day until you die, or if you consume drugs, how this will help you. Many people say that drugs are useful; that when you are ‘high’ you are teleported into a dream world where there are no problems, where all what you have ever wished for, will happen.

Firstly, there are many people who spend their money on cigarettes and alcohol and after that they don’t have anything to eat. I think that these kinds of people are a little bit crazy and probably they have a problem with their mind. Why spend money on some things that don’t help you but they hurt you? It is very strange how the humans don’t understand these things; I consider that more and more people do not think! All my family smoke and every month they spend a fortune on cigarettes. I believe that with that money we can buy a car every year but they don’t understand that and they say that they can’t live without cigarettes.

Secondly, nowadays there are many children, teenagers who smoke, drink alcohol and consume drugs. I know some teenagers who stole money from their own parents to buy drugs and after that they died because they jumped in front of a car. These things are very shocking .If you ‘try’ one ‘SPECIALcigarette for instance you will regret it later because you will become dependent, addicted. If you smoke for years you can wake up that you have cancer and you will die. If you go to the parties and get drunk you can do a lot of terrible things. I know about teens who were drunk at parties and they jumped from the roof of the house and died.

In conclusion, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are the worst things ever.

My advice is to SIMPLY AVOID THEM, because once you have consumed one of them, it will be very hard to stop.GALDEANU,10E.5



It should not have happened probably but it DID HAPPEN…

Who are we to judge??? We are not GOD…

It did happen…

Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY1

 A Miracle in Our Lives

Written by LAVINIA,11th D

It’s hard to express in words the feelings I have at the moment towards B. MY CHILD!!!

He’s the angel who appeared in my life , much quicker than I expected. It was an extremely delicate situation for me , but GOD and my loved ones gave me all the force that I needed and I matured and I learned to fight for B’s life… For us he is more important than anything in this world.LITTLE ANGEL,11D.5.jp6

Even if I had the impression that I was on the edge and there was no way back, I tried to be more powerful and to ignore all the bad words thrown at me in order not to harm B. and I did everything I could to protect my child….It was the most difficult period of my life, but with the help of my boyfriend and our family things went much easier…LITTLE ANGEL,11D.4

Now, the whole family is around him, all looking forward to see him and love him unconditionally. I realized that he is not a disappointment; Baby B. is the greatest achievement and joy of our lives…Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY2

B. is an energetic child who is waiting for me at home every day and welcomes me with sincere smiles and warm hugs. Though he is only one year old, he means any gesture and every word. Before his appearing in our lives we did not know to appreciate the little things in life , but now any gesture he makes or any ‘word’ he says is a reason for joy and excitement for us.Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY3

I could have never believed that so much love was possible. Never could I have guessed  that I would feel for him THE WAY I DO and I am surprised to see him daily as he ‘confesses’ his love towards me and his father the way he knows and he’s able to. He demonstrates this to us through small acts which have an extremely important meaning for us.Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY4

He has shaped our lives differently and now we can’t see life without him. I miss him even when he sleeps; I’m looking forward to his waking up to play together. I love to bring him new things and he radiates happiness when we see each other…

We are a young family, at the beginning of one long and difficult road, but through love and faith we will achieve beautiful things and we’ll grow in peace.


Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY4



             THE CHILD

written by MARIA,9th C

It’s Christmas Eve.  The clock shows more than one hour past midnight. There is Perfect silence In the House. The only ones that don’t sleep are the colored lights from the Christmas tree. Some clearly shuffled footsteps were heard near the Christmas tree.  At that point the child opened his eyes.

Santa Claus? Am I dreaming?’ said the sleepy child

‘You don’t dream’, replied the old man with white hair.

‘Santa, but you don’t exist! I’ve known for a few years that those who put the presents under the tree are the parents!’ the boy said, and remained confused in the middle of the bed.

‘I do not exist?! I am Santa Claus, in flesh and blood. I have white hair and beard and Red clothes! Come closer to see for yourself.

‘ I know! I know that you have a reindeer-drawn sleigh, which awaits you until you get out of my house.’

He handed the child a book and a red calling card, written in white, where there was an email address and a name: Santa Claus. When the child discovered that Santa is no longer next to him, he quickly ran to the window. He had the time to see the reindeer-drawn sleigh rising towards the sky, and Santa Claus waving goodbye.

‘Did I dream? Has all that been a dream? It seems so! Santa Claus does not exist, I was right!’ After one moment, he remained petrified. On the desk next to the computer keyboard, he saw a glimpse of the visiting card from his sleep. On his left, under the Christmas tree some beautifully wrapped up gifts were concealed, out of sight…





Written by IONUT S.,10th E

Most of the teenagers take  the way of drugs, alcohol, smoking and a lot of other bad habits, and this is not ok.

Year by year, day by day, the teenagers do these things because of their parents (some of them!), some others because of their friends, others because they have week personalities…etc. and sometimes I have the same opinion, it is a big and difficult problem to solve!!! But the important question is: “Why? Why do the teens do that?”, and the answer differs from one person to another.

Some people say that not all of teenagers take this way, there are ‘good ‘teenagers too and for example, one of them it’s me! I say that because I never and I will never put my hand on a cigarette and smoke, take drugs or alcohol. My parents told me every day to stay away from the children who do these things!


I want to send a message to all the children/teens: Do what your parents tell you to do and be creative and this will open the door of success for you! If you choose the bad way, you will become losers!

In conclusion an adolescent needs to have a clear head in order to have a beautiful life! But do not forget: “be yourself”!!!





Written by ALINA B.,10th C

Did you hear what happened last night?

I saw last night, when I went home, a scuffle between two drunken teenagers. They left the club and started to argue because one of them was smoking. The teenagers were about 15 years old.

What do you think about teenagers who drink alcohol?

Maybe they think they look more mature, but they don’t because when you drink, your mind is affected.

What is a teenager’s night like?

This depends on each one of us .  Modern teenagers go to clubs where they drink, smoke or in the worst case they consume drugs. Here they become the most talented dancers and singers in the world.

This type of nightlife is a good thing until it becomes something bad because when teenagers are drunk or worse, if they got addicted, they make things that they will regret later.

How was your night life when you were young?

I remember our nights when we used to meet at my cousin’s, Dan, and we  laughed for ours. The old people tell the younger ones how they should enjoy/live their life. They remember, they know.

What do parents think about their children’s night life?

Girls’ parents are more sever than the boys’ parents. I think they are sleeping when their boys come home.

The responsible parents give their daughters an hour when they should  be home.

How will be life if teenagers do not go to clubs?

Parents will be calmer, the youngsters will be safer and the bosses of the clubs will remain without money…




  Teenagers and Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

               Written by ADINA D.,10th E

In my opinion, nowadays, a lot of teenagers smoke, get drugs and drink because they think that it is very cool or something like this.

Firstly, some of them smoke and do other similar things because they want to get some attention. They want to be accepted. Sometimes they start smoking, drinking and getting drugs because they are made to do that by their friends. If in their group of friends there are persons who smoke, it’s almost sure they will start it too.

Secondly, there are those teenagers who don’t let their friends  influence them. They are strong and they know that this is bad and wrong. I see a lot of teenagers smoking and drinking, acting ‘cool’ and they look like they don’t care. Some people think that smoking makes you awesome and great. I don’t see anything good about that. I don’t find getting high on drugs so fantastic like some others. Teenagers should know that  the drugs and the alcohol are dangerous. They can start up controlling your mind and you become addicted. You really lose your mind. I have friends who smoke and drink, but I don’t know people who get drugs.

To summarize, every addiction is terrible for your health. You should have a fit life. These addictions could turn you into somebody else. It’s better not to start things like this at all.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t let these things control ourselves. Everybody should know that they make awful changes to their body and soul,but if they prefer it, it’s ok, because it’s their life,their choice after all…





                               I’M FLYING…

                       Written by ADINA D.,10th E


I am flying…The sky is soo blue and I feel the soft clouds touching my fingers.

I feel that I’m a bird, I can do anything! The whole world is mine! I’m in a fantastic mood and I feel very energetic!

First, I thought it was a dream, but I realised that I’m really flying! I would go to visit a lot of countries, to see new places and meet new people! Nobody can stop me! Now that I can fly, I can go away, wherever and whenever! I’m flying and I’m  playing with some birds. Now they are my friends! I could spend all my time doing this! A lifetime! I love to feel the sky so close to me! I would have never believed that I could fly! I let myself in the wind’s way! I don’t have the control anymore! I’m just waiting to see where I will go. Everything seems soo small from up here! It’s like I’m the biggest in the whole world and everybody else is so little and under my control! I hope that this will never end! I like to fly, I feel really free and there is just myself and the infinite freedoom! I wish that I could fly forever, it feels breathtaking!

Suddently, my dream stopped! I fell from the big sky and wake up in my bed! It’s impossible!!! Everything was just a dream?? But…it seemed so real! It was really unbelievable! For some time I felt like I was really flying! Like I was a bird! And it was awesome! I’m very dissapointed that it was just a simple dream… But, who knows? Maybe one day I will be capable to fly again…and not just in my dream…



Level of Intelligence

        Written by ANDREI-IULIAN A.,10th C

How can we become smarter? Are men smarter than women?

We can become smarter if we read more and more books. We can find our level of intelligence with IQ tests on the internet or to a psychologist. The intelligence develops faster to children at school during the reading and learning but during this process they also develop their memory and imagination. The imagination is very important to find the best ideas in order to solve faster the problems.


A study made on men and women shows us that men are equally smart as the women but  men don’t use their intelligence as much as women. The weather influences the intelligence because a rainy day makes us feel tired and in the same time it affects our memory and our way of thinking.





The book is alive!

Written by ADELA B.,9th C

Ohh! I don’t want to read this book! It is so boring! It would be more interesting if the book was alive! I want to go to bed, good night book, see you next year!

So here I am, feeling more relaxted but there is a big big problem: my teacher wants me to talk about the book and I have no idea what this book contains! I told my mother to bring me some coffee and to have, while reading, a little bit of distraction.

‘Hello, book! I really don’t want to read you but i have no choice!.’

‘So? Don’t do it!’

‘Who is here? And with whom am I talking?’

‘With me…the book, stupid girl!’LADY IN WAITING

In my mind i was saying that it was very strange and I should go and sleep again, it was sure that I wasn’t feeling quite well! But, because I’m a genius, I had one brillient idea…I will ask the book to tell me the whole story!!! Now I’m gonna find out what this book is about and my teacher will be very surprised! So here I am, talking to the book!

‘I’m sorry, dear and sweet book but I don’t know to read (I was totally lying), so how can I read you?’

‘Aww! Pour girl! It doesn’t matter, I will tell you about my story!’

‘It will be great, I don’t have words to describe how much you help me! (now who is the stupid one? Muhaha!)’

‘She’ started talking and talking and talking untill she finished. Great, now I will never read again. Because the book is alive and, of course, I am a very good actress!

If the books were alive then the people would never read and our minds wouldn’t be so smart!






   Written by GABRIELA P.,9th C

   The dictionary says that friendship is a relation between persons who share the same interests.

   In my opinion, friendship is more than this. Friendship is a connection between persons, a feeling that can`t be explained in words. Friendship means confidence, respect and love.

   Everybody has friends, it`s something normal. Persons who you spend your time with, have a good time with: classmates, room mates, schoolmates, workmates and so on.  But what about ‘best’ and ‘true friends’? Have you ever wondered how many true friends do you have? I`ll tell you, very few. Why? Because it is very hard to find someone who likes you, who respects you, who trusts you unconditionally, someone who is happy when something good happens to you, someone who helps and supports you. That person who is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, who always knows  when and what to say or what to do, someone who makes you happy without reasons. That special person who you tell everything, who doesn`t judge you, who understands you even if you do something wrong…CREAM MILK OR TEA

   So, appreciate what you have and don`t be ashamed with your friends. Maybe they are not all popular or beautiful but the popular ones have less true friends than everyone else, so as long as you feel good with them there`s no reason to feel unimportant ,because for them you are unique.







  Written by Georgiana G.,10th C

            When you start reading this article, do you have many ideas about DRUGS in your mind? Of course my friend… 🙂 Have you ever heard about wildlife on the streets or about the nightlife in the city, in your own city? Have you ever got out in your city at night? Of course, or if not, you haven’t lost anything!CAT FANTASY

            Our generation associates playing outside with the night life spent in a club and this is a very confusing mistake. If only dancing and discussing took place in there, it would not be anything bad , but the teens are still too young to decide what is good and what is bad for their body and their soul…and things DO GO WRONG! Did you see drunk girls ?Yes , the girls , they’re supposed to be elegant and refined , but today the girls no longer cook like their mother , they drink like their dad! Why do we have to live this type of life? I don’t know and I don’t care! (BUT I DO!!!)RESCUE

 What about you? Did you see people to be high in the clubs, or on the streets, people who are on drugs? I’ll tell you, they are there, all night , EVERY NIGHT, again and again… Do you know anything about drugs? They are illegal for many reasons… And when you look at this picture you realize smoking seems the most innocent of all vices…

            What can you tell me about nightlife in your city? Does it look like this? I hope not…




2014 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

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Written by GEORGIANA G.,10th C

I have a test and you know I don’t like them and all the formulae don’t penetrate my mind or they don’t remain in my head…

Probably I don’t like my teacher or I don’t understand what

he says .I don’t know. Every minute of that hour I feel like my stomach is cut into pieces by a thousand knifes and my brain is cold like ice……Hmm!

My best friend tells me… it is awesome but I don’t know where her brain is when she says something like that and why she loves this type of puzzling game of words. Every number has a formula and all formulae are definite …and …Would it be right if I don’t understand anything at all about this thing?


I don’t like it and I don’t care about my friend and my mother saying I should because THIS isn’t in my heart at all… So, I say what’s in my soul,

I speak my mind:






                    ROBOTS TAKE CONTROL!

                     Written by IOANA B,10th D

Have you ever been misunderstood and all you needed was someone who can understand you? Have you ever felt alone with a lot of people around you? Have you ever tried to find a person who can feel you what you feel? The empathic robot is the answer!

How much does it costs? Around 50.000$. Americans have ordered 10.000 pieces already. The scientists are excited about their product`s popularity and they estimate that the sales will increase to 100.000 till the end of the year. The empathic robot will hug you and tell you encouraging phrases. It has tears and high pulse sensors… When it feels you crying or stressed, it will hug you ant tell you that everything will be ok. It knows where you are because of his camera which detects body heat…

When it will be delivered? The robot is just a prototype, so, the delivery will take about half a year but we guarantee it will worth waiting all this time!!!





                                                written by DENISA B.,10th E


Self-confidence is very important in our lives, EVERYONE KNOWS THIS… I must recognize that I’m not the most self-confident person in the world and sometimes I have a problem with IT. Even if many people told me that I have lots of qualities and that I must be VERY self-confident, it’s hard for me to change this aspect.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? 

“Confidence is something you create within yourself, by believing in who you are”.

Sometimes, self-confidence can be the key to success. Well, most of the times!!!!!!!!!

Don’t compare yourself with others because that’s when you start to lose confidence in yourself. Also, maybe people don’t trust themselves because they think they aren’t good enough.


I’ve met people who aren’t the best in their activities or careers, but they trust themselves and they succeed to accomplish what they had intended to. I noticed that lately the courage is appreciated by the rest of the people. Don’t be afraid to show your abilities, even if there is the possibility to fail.

If you lose the confidence in yourself, you’re lost in the universe. My opinion is that every person has something special. It is a big difference between being proud and being self-confident. Fred Durst said that “to walk around with an ego is a bad thing, but to have confidence in yourself is a great thing”. It’s true that sometimes things seem impossible but I believe that if you truly want something you can make the impossible possible and you have to fight for your dreams.

 Me, personally, I started to trust myself, and the result seems to be very promising…





What am I?

Written by BIANCA C.,10th C

Some people call me a fool, others clever, so I just took those wonderful names and transformed them into another powerfull one:  just call me their SOUL or even better,YOUR SOUL…

I am just an open spirit that lives in your body. Every soul has its own different and perfect bodies. I don’t have a job, so I guess I’m lucky if I can live a healthy and awesome life without worrying about money. Actual people are just so maniac, ‘running’ all the time to get some filthy money.

I wished I could just rest all day long and not to have to worry about anything, but as every little thing on this lively earth, I was sent here with a specific purpose: to make people feeling things…

I’ve experienced everything: from happy moments, hilarious ones, moments when I’ve felt brave to ones when I felt like I was going crazy…

One creepy emotion makes me feel so weak and just as helpless though. I’ve heard it in so many languages that I don’t even know how to call it anymore: love, amour, lieben… It doesn’t matter in what language I hear it, every time I hear this pleasant word, my body starts acting embarrassingly. I think this body was once in love, his brain was puzzled that time and his stomach was making silly noises. First, I thought it was hunger, but when I saw the angelic and fragile heart  beating 10 times  faster  I knew it was a different feeling from what I’d experienced before.

FINESSE      I was getting excited every time I thought about him, but the thing is… I’d never seen his famous face. Could someone love something if they never met? Well… maybe, it could be like a mother that loves her child from the first minute even if she can’t see him for 9 months. I continued counting the months hoping that I would see him when I reached to 9. But then something happened, the immortal love story went gone exactly 2 days before the 9 months were over.

I was so upset that I couldn’t stop from crying, I felt guilty for making this gorgeous body cry, but I couldn’t help it… not even now, 3 months later I’m not completely healed even though I gave this sparkling person a rest  …

I just hope I would meet that delightful feeling again… so I can shine again.







                        Written by CRISTINA S.,11th B


Time. Defining time is one of the most difficult tasks, not only from a philosophical point of view, but also from a psychological and physical one. Time is one of Universe’s dimensions. Unlike space, time  orders events in an irreversible  sequence. Time is a primary notion (which cannot be defined, but perceived through senses) and is correlated to a specific event. So no, I cannot define time…It gives me a strange feeling, some sort of fear, because I cannot answer this question. Maybe I’m still too young to understand, to realize that there are yet lots of questions to be left unanswered…But I tried…I tried to find out more about time. I first tried to understand it in order to treasure it…

In my opinion, time is not only part of our lives, but it’s our life itself! People around us keep running continuously, they hurry in order not to lose track of time. But in fact, what are they actually losing? Is time really running away from us?  Perhaps I couldn’t prove you this in my writings, and if I’d try to search for an answer to all of my questions, words wouldn’t be enough. Even my words are slipping away, cause they don’t find the time to be written for so long…


I’ve always been looking for an answer, and maybe, you could tell me if I found it. I mean…we lose track of time. Time is everywhere, which means we lose in fact everything, everything means life, so this means we lose life itself!???? So the fact that time shouldn’t be wasted should be transformed into: Life shouldn’t be wasted! I didn’t know this before, and that’s why I consider the time that has passed by is kind of wasted… until today …

I’m telling you now, so that you know, so that you appreciate and treasure your time, because time is life and we don’t want to waste our lives, do we?  At the moment I’m in a sort of panic, seeing that all the objects around me are affected by time, that all the people around me are influenced by the flowing of time and I can’t do anything to stop this…What should I do? Stop the flowing of time? That would be impossible…


I could try giving people an advice instead. I’m advising you now, by means of  my modest composition  to give serious consideration to this concern of mine…Because time could be the most powerful weapon that humans can’t defeat. Time kills people, it kills you slowly, day by day, it makes you older, loosens your sight, your hearing and transforms you physically and psychologically…This transformation keeps on going until your spirit is so weakened, that it cannot face the fight anymore, this continuous fight that he holds against time…You see?

Always, but always time is the winner. But this doesn’t necessarily means that you have to give up the fight…As you all probably know the saying: “you’ve won a battle, but you didn’t win the war…”  The point is to try to win as many battles as you can, because obviously, you won’t be able to win the war. You could win small battles, representing small fragments of your life, representing feelings and memories…When you talk about present, you feel emotions that you experience today, and when you talk about your past, you remember what you’ve lived.

And I keep talking about past, about future, I just keep talking…But I think of something totally different. I try to notice these changes that time seems to attack us with. People try to hide them; they avoid believing that they’re actually getting old. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes! Why be ashamed?  Because you were brave enough to fight time? Did It actually defeated you? So what…Sometimes you have to learn how to lose…Because maybe you’ll win the next fight, especially if you stop considering time as your enemy and start thinking that those people that fought against time are indeed extraordinary! I sometimes surprise myself thinking: “What if these changes take me down too, eventually? What if I get defeated too, eventually?” I kept these frightening questions to myself, but I’m sharing my fears with you now…I keep thinking enough about my present, but there’s still time to fantasize, to get into reverie, to feel nostalgic but fulfilled…


And they say I’m a dreamer…And by ‘they’ I mean the people who haven’t actually faced time, or who have never been asking these kinds of questions to themselves…I don’t dream. That’s what you do during night time, while sleeping…Dreams are subconscious experiences that reveal sequences of images, sounds, ideas, emotions and sensations that are ‘lived’ usually during sleeping. I am aware of what I hope and I’m definitely awake. And if only the thousands of dreams that I have would be real, I could answer at least one tenth of the questions about time in my mind…Since I was little I have been asked what would I like to become when I grew up and I never knew what to answer or instead, I gave an illogical, meaningless answer. I wanted to become a princess or the captain of a ship. All without any explanation, they were childish ideas…

As you grew up, I noticed, there are a lot more blanks to fill in… I’ve been noticing for some time now that I’m capable of choosing what I dream of, what I want. This is what differentiates us from other beings: Reason. So, by connecting all of my thoughts, my dreams and my fears, I learned to wish to become a teacher! Not only because my peculiar way of being imprints me with a dominant attitude, but also because I want to share everything I know with others, I want to have something to say, I want to teach everyone everything I know. I want to leave something behind me in this world, and I want to do this by teaching my students. I will leave them my knowledge, so that, it would  be transmitted through generations…But until then, I try to share my thoughts with you and to ‘spread’ all the questions in everyone’s mind, so that they’ll treasure their answers more…WHEN AND IF THEY FIND THEM OUT…

I definitely like what I see in my future. Maybe it’s too good to be true…Maybe it’s not….I couldn’t know what time has prepared for me. But I definitely know that time is constantly running and we have to fight it, we have to win the small battles so that we remain with the best fragments of our lives!