What is love?

By Adriana

Love is when you have butterflies in your stomach, a special light in your eyes and a large and brilliant smile on your face. Your heart is beating , throbbing, and there is a storm in your mind . Love is patient, love is kind. Love  protects , preserves and hopes for the positive chapter in your life. It is always present in your mind but you must know when is the right moment to make use of it . It is like a dream .Matter turning into affection .A dream coming true. Love should be experienced and not just felt. What happens when we have this great feeling? Our world becomes enormous, and we need someone, a special person in our lives. Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. Sometimes we need someone indeed. Someone to love us , to respect us. We hate the loneliness. We can understand this feeling too , there is a moment for that as well. Love is when you forget about everything, a free bird in the sky, a rainbow after the rain. It is a precious treasure, an elegant gift from life. Life teaches us how beautiful things can be when love is embracing us.

Be together, share your joy and sorrow, understand each other, provide space to each other, but always be there for each other’s needs. And surely love will blossom to strengthen your relationship and affection.


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