The best person that EXISTED in my life many years ago was my grumpy and ashamed boss. A unique person who gave me reasons to practice my job.

I had this idea all my life. I saw that he was a gentleman and on his face there was always a nice and long ,dry smile like that of an innocent child. His hair was unusually long, he had his own hair-style every morning. There were two big brown eyes on his face which always had a special shine and his overall aspect was always amazing.

However, I heard some stupid and embarrassing things about him but they were not true ,I’m sure. He always told great and wise words and from one word only, you realized he was so smart and wise .

In my mind, his past was neither good nor tinted. The past had left in his soul bad memories,for sure, and hard situations had to be overcome.

Over all that, he was shining all the same and tried to resolve the problems that existed in the office. For me ,in some special way, he was the brightest in the world because he taught me what my role in the big company  and in the society was ,and there, on the big scene of life too ,where we are ‘merely players’.


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