How are you ? I know, I didn`t answer your emails but you have a funny way of always making me regret something.

I decided to answer you, because in some ways we are still friends, even if you make me feel bad.

What about my life? It is the same as you know it. I set myself to working harder  this year and becoming  a good student. I`m  better  every day and I like it, my parents are very  proud of me. I do sports and I`m very good at tennis, I`m interested in  reading more and more, every book is like my friend.

It`s November and outside is very cold. I go out just in weekends because I don’t have time when I go to school.  Every night I look up to the sky and I wish  you were here. The moon was so beautiful last night, round and full. Remember when we  were looking at it together?

I`m waiting for  the winter because my best friend is coming home and I miss her so much.  I know you are coming home, but i also know that I don`t want to see you.

Unfortunately this is first and last email that i’ll send you.

I wish  you all the best, and take care of you ,study hard to become a doctor and i will be proud of you, my dear friend.

As the days pass by, I don`t miss you anymore so much. It`s  a good thing for me. I hope you don`t forget me because you are always in my heart, and let stars guide you home.

Your old friend



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