By Anda

Walking down the corridors, visiting and inspecting the offices, with his serious and imposing appearance, Mister C. inspires not only a sense of justice, but fear also,  his distinctiveness coming from a strong character ,which is definitely,necessary for the status of a manager. I don’t think  I have ever seen him wearing other than one suit, even if it is a light colored one, fact that makes him always stand out,  be  noticed and observed.

Like a brooding hen which is constantly watching over its chickens, it’s our boss  who carefully stares at every little detail, becoming the master of his territory. I didn’t have the chance to know him very well so far, but I guess that this job fits him, not only as a team-leader, but as a manager, superior to all. If he were just a  mere  employee , all the charm would disappear and in my opinion, he could even apply for another job.

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