The blackboard turning into a black hole…


The blackboard is regularly  used in schools and it has a special meaning beyond its proper one. When a student uses  the chalk to write on it, all the information is absorbed and swallowed by its darkness. It proceeds like a starving beast, like a predator or more exactly like a black hole which is ready to catch the matter at any time.

It is the unknown and ‘invisible’ PLACE  where  science, numbers and words retreat and  create  something dangerous, latent… transforming itself into a black hole. This mutation is ‘activated’ by someone or something and it certainly does have a specific purpose. The mysterious thing about it, is that the blackboard can turn into a black hole without being noticed, or without  anyone  realizing it. Each different, passing day, hundreds of students write on the blackboard and no one seems to realize the clamorous and the emergent message sent to humanity. The matter-eager, the material devouring accumulation  will some day  explode because of the amount of knowledge, numbers, mathematics, chemistry, philosophy, objects, non-objects existing  in a distinctive point/place we call ‘nowhere’ and… BLACKBOARD.

From a different perspective, the black hole can conduct itself  in such a way that affecting people in  different modes  becomes inescapable . For instance, a pupil is named and asked to be evaluated to the blackboard. Under the emotional pressure, the human brain absorbs all the information and locates it for a while in a place with no return. The child’s emotions release a higher power that takes hold of the kid, as this region of space-time in his  mind possesses a gravity which prevents anything, including light, from escaping, let alone things he had previously learned .

When everything has taken refuge in the huge nothingness, it’s time to worry about what happens after the  unavoidable  ending, that we all are aware of,   … if only we were able to ‘seize’ the moment…


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