The Persistence of Memory


“The Persistence of Memory “ is presenting how the Catalan painter was inspired to restore the image of time by introducing the pocket clock” soft melt “, in a very severe landscape .

Every time I look at the garbled watches in twilight, I find another definition of time. And patience seems to me to be, sometimes, the only weapon that can defeat this phenomenon.

On the other hand , however , we submit to the rigors of time , and there are experiences that cannot be included in the area of the seconds , minutes, hours or infinity ,that yet we systematically accept as absolute.

This picture epitomizes Dali’s theory of “softness” and “hardness”. Some have assumed that the soft watches symbolize the relativity of space and time, but Dali said that they were not inspired by the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein, but by the perception of surrealistic Camembert cheese  melting  in the Sun.

The problem  I deal with is time as well. But it will always be a mystery to me how come time is passing so fast when you are doing something you like, or how come two persons spend together a lifetime together. And what’s beyond my imagination is eternity which actually has neither timing, nor time.


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