By Elena

Christmas was two weeks ago. Everything was flawless and was in it’s place. And now let  me  tell you what happened to me!

We were looking forward to Santa’s coming but I  fell asleep and I had a dream or a nightmare, I don’t know what it was. And in my dream I was dressed up, all in red and I was arranging my living room.  On the fireplace there were placed socks, colored socks , and  I didn’t expect to hear someone talking. Who was it?

Behind me there was nobody .Nobody in front of me either. Under the  bed I heard noises .I went and looked. There were small socks that complained they had been forgotten: Left alone, lost. They wanted  to spend Christmas with their parents.

What could I do?

I talked a lot with them. Finally I realized that their parents  were in my room , in my drawer.

It was a happy ending.

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