Posh people

By Silvia


        Before I give you my straight opinion on the ’Posh people’ i should really explain who they are,what is their purpose and if you even should waste your time thinking about them.

If you look up the word „posh” in the dictionary you would most likely find this:a person that is elegant and fashionable,glamorous and filthy rich.They represent the class from our society that gets the best of everything,is never disappointed(is that so?)… basically they live the life of kings and queens and some of them don’t even deserve it. But who am I to judge THEM, if i don’t really know them personally…or maybe I do:their life gets advertised on every matter there is.Sometimes it drives me crazy to see so many details concerning their lifestyle,their choices. I mean i understand when some of them are known philanthropists and their humanitarian work gets published but i don’t really need to know what color their bedroom drapes are and if they have a house in every country on the planet.

unfortunately,people these days enjoy reading about somebody else’s life and decisions.I must confess sometimes it is tempting even for me but I try not to insist on this kind of publicity.I know i have no chance to make a difference but maybe someday people will realise how many stupid things they do and say.

I know that all I’ve said until now about posh people would make you think that I am totally against them but I do have some respect for some of them.I respect the ones that have worked for everything they got and the ones that are not born rich and actually make an effort to become someone you would look up to.I can proudly say that i stand by the side of these „posh people”.

I’ve often been asked the question:”What would you do if you were a millionaire and a posh person?”.I always give the same answer:I would take advantage of the situation I am in and use it to do great things all around the world and also it would be an honor to meet some of the influential people from our society.

Articles have been written on the fact that posh people often feel and mocked at for the lifestyle they are taking,their accent,their way of dressing and acting. In my opinion I don’t think that we should judge them based on the way they look or on the things they own,I think we can have an opinion and if we choose to express it publicly we can have manners like they do and try not to sound like uneducated monkeys.

At last you’ve heard my opinion about „posh people”and I hope you can respect it and not rule it out.I am not saying that I am perfectly right about everything but based on the things I have heard about this class of our society I think it is a pretty well given opinion.

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