When a simple student starts to speak about the blackboard , the first word in his mind is “fear”. Why? Because he is  afraid to expose his ideas on a blackboard in front of the class or in front of a teacher or for fear of failing. The blackboard represents the beginning of a new idea which can be transformed in a practical one. Its dark color can be associated with the black hole which in a proper  sense is something  yet undiscovered by our modern world.

If we look  deep enough  we can find a difference between the blackboard and a black hole. The black color is definitely very important because it represents a field without life so as the black hole represents an area  nobody could ever reach  because it absorbs the matter and if anybody attempts to go there he won’t be able to come back and this makes the very search futile. The  blackboard absorbs information -as  the black holes– for example during the  math hour, when  exercises are written down and solved on it , then  it is cleaned out and other exercises  are written down on it again… Those previous exercises didn’t disappear, they were just introduced in  the blackboard’s ‘memory’ and remained … history.

In conclusion, apparently, these two words express something different, but they symbolize one and the same thing : the search for  knowledge and  for our own beginning.

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