10-disturbing-trends-in-subliminal-advertisingSubliminal advertising


    Day by day, most of the people across the world spend at least a few minutes or even hours of their lives watching TV.         From time to time, there are commercial breaks, where advertises invade our TVs.During these commercial breaks, people are often shown products and they are suggested to buy them in one way or an other.

                Nowadays, most of the advertisements got subliminal messages, which means that they are trying to influence you in such a way that you will be willing to buy their products, without consciously realizing it.ice

For example, in most food advertisements we are shown beautifully looking food which is meant to make us feel hungry and consider buying that product. But it could go deeper than that and try to make you imagine how it would taste or smell which would amplify the effect. The same thing happens with drinks. They try to make you feel thirsty so you will buy their refreshing, tasty drinks.

But those subliminal messages don’t stop with the food. It’s applied worldwide in a large variety of products. Almost any product has at least a little subliminal message in it, because obviously, every producers tries to sell their products and earn the most profit.23_mcdonalds_lg_l

In conclusion, advertisements might seem impressive, attractive and harmless, but you should think twice before rushing to buy a product just because you saw a fancy advertise on TV.

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