kidsby CRISTIAN,12C/2013

The plane crashed, we are on an island. All of us are children. The island is deserted. Are we going to survive?

A few started crying and screaming for help but I quickly managed to calm everyone down. We went exploring and to our surprise we found a small jungle right in the heart of the island. We explored it for a while and we found a small cave that was right next to a small stream.lord_of_the_flies_poster_final

We went back to the plane and took a few objects that we used to create some small shelter and a fire into the cave. We had some food for a few days so we were confident and calm for now.

The sun started to fade in the distance as the time was passing. Most of us fell asleep pretty fast, when we were suddenly worken by a noise. We woke up and listened and it seemed that something big was coming our way, through the dense forest.

We quickly grabbed some sticks and stones and we could soon see it. It was a cougar. We all panicked and started throwing rocks at it, but the cougar was just dodging them without any effort.LordoftheFlies1990-BoxArt1     Sadly, it managed to grab and kill Timmy, the youngest one, but as it was trying to drag Timmy into the forest, a big rock hit it in the head and it died as well. The next day we burried Timmy and the cougar so they won’t attract any more predators.

Days were passing and we were feeling more and more weakened until eventually, one day, we saw a ship. We all got on the beach and waved but nothing happened.lord of the flies  A few more days passed and we saw a helicopter heading our way. Everyone else was too exhausted to even wake up, but I somehow found the strength to run on the beach and jump around so the helicopter could see me.

It worked! The helicopter landed on the beach. We were saved!papa-westray-kids-image-2-600952735-899697

Later that day, a few more helicopters came and took us all to a hospital where we had to recover as our bodies were too weakened due to the lack of food and fresh, clean water.

Luckily, we all recovered and we are fine, but I  feel bad about Timmy. I am sorry that we couldn’t save him. His body was taken from the island and soon after his devastated parrents organised a funeral. I miss him so much…senhor_das_moscas02Related articles

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