MASQUES1,TEENS4The Haunted House

by Ioana

It was a breezy night of autumn. It was the midnight… John, a young boy (10 years old) was in his quiet house and he was dreaming. Suddenly, he heard a high-pitched and hissing noise. When he opened his eyes, he was thunderstruck. His room was dirty and creepy ! The floor was damp and full of blood. The windows were broken and the blue drapes were torn. All was dark and drab. Then, a deafening noise horrified him. It was a hoarse noise. It came from the room of his parents. He felt a bitter taste in his mouth. A gray smoke stopped him. He went in the room of his parents, nevertheless. The crimson walls were full of bright cobwebs.

Creepy Creatures

Creepy Creatures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, he saw  two bright and great eyes. He was afraid but he ran through the black smoke. His eyes were sore. A cold wind opened the sticky and dusty door. Then, a resonant and piercing voice called him. A freezing, humid and flaky hand touched him. But when he looked around, there was nothing. He tried to go out to the garden but he couldn’t and the loud noise reiterated. The dirty door closed. He was anxious…He saw a giant and chubby shade. The shadow came down slowly, waiting for him. Against the crimson wall the shade seemed bright , pallid and gray. He thought that it was a giant specter…

He told everybody about his dream, an eerie dream, where his quiet house became a haunted one. Since then he named his dream ”The dream of haunted house”’.

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