Story by Andrada P.

I’m so excited! I finally can buy my own hotel! It’s fancy, glamorous and ritzy like a manor. But…it seems to be a little eerie and bizarre.

First, I decide to visit the rooms. Exuberant , delightful rooms and all. However, I consider them to be very disturbing. I’m eager to ring bell. Yes, it is perfect if compared to the grotesque, hideous paintings and photos I’ve seen of it.

I also have a frightened, disturbed servant who always helps me. He is clearly not happy because I bought the hotel. He told me that the hotel had been haunted for decades by an old owner who went bankrupt. While he told me this interesting story and some others from many years back, a big, sparkling chandelier fell on us…

We succeeded to keep away and I realize now it’s a real and daring story…

Well, I decide to eat some food because I’m hungry like a wolf, but the only thing I can eat is a bitter, pungent apple and a bland, sour cake…

…someone wants me dead !doorghost

I ordered that the next day should be the grand re-opening of the hotel. I prepare a speech and I hope for a good sound sleep tonight but…no ! My friend who is very grumpy and heinous makes blaring, raspy, screeching sounds!!!!!!!Good bye sleep…

In the morning, under my table I saw a magenta curtain moving. It was dripping with blood.

I was really tense and troubled. Immediately, I heard a muffled, raspy voice and I realized that the ‘ghost ‘really wanted to get rid of me.

I pleaded with John (the servant) to be frank and blunt and tell me what happened with the other owners. He told me that the last one had been choked with a fluffy, silky pillow.

I now wonder:  is he still alive?!

He (the ‘ex-dead-alive’ owner) wasn’t happy when I arrived, he probably wanted to remain with the hotel and run the hotel where he had worked his whole live-and in eternal death.

But it is immoral!zombie (1)

Immortal as well???Or was it just his spirit? I’ll try to discover that.

While the party of re-opening the hotel was prepared John remained very tedious, vague, and discrete. I called him to ask him about my problem and that very moment, his face became gray, rosy and violet! A screeching sound got out of…nowhere and ‘somebody’ started laughing devilishly.

I just… ran!

It all MUST HAVE BEEN only a dirty trick played by the spirits…HIS SPIRIT…

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