Story written by  Iulia M.

One night, me and my friends passed by a huge house and hearing some noise at the end of the dark street we stopped.

There was a round garden and dirty soiled flowers. The gray leaves of the trees had flown in the hissing air and fell on the sticky and filthy earth. We followed the slippery and tight path and when we arrived in the front of one jumbo door with a dusty door handle…

I had a bitter taste in my mouth and I felt the breezy and sharp air coming from inside. The curved and low windows were drab and gray…

I entered the damp old house and I saw that the thin floor was soiled. A shade crept sliding towards the windows. I was very afraid …HauntedHouse

Some slick and fresh marks were shining in the silver light  but at the same time I stood firm in the lonely moonlight. I cleared the place abruptly and then I saw that the numerous marks on the wide floor were crimson and damp blood stains.HauntedHouseGhostsFloating-1

I heard again an uneven sound  coming from the direction of the window …It was very disturbing . The creepy shade was coming towards me and one second later I heard calm and soft steps. There I saw the thin shape of the ghost again and when I ran after it disappeared. There was only me and my piercing fear left. I went outside to look for my friends and I told them about my sinister experience. To conclude, this was a black and a cruel night, I never passed by that house again…


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