Haunted Tunnel

Story written by Bogdan W. 10thC

It was the middle of the night. The sky was very bright and the moon accompanied us all along the way, taking us far away…

I and my freak friends were leaving for home. On the way, we saw a dark tunnel. Suddenly a bitter and sour smell came to me. I decided to go to the tunnel and on the way the smell became spicy, tangy, gingery and tasty.  My friends stayed outside. I was very surprised, intrigued and continued into the tunnel. It was very dusty and extremely damaged. When I entered the huge tunnel, I felt a pickled taste in my mouth. Then I saw a soaked man looking at me. ’Follow me’ he whispered. I went after him. He slipped into a greasy, tender and warm room hardly visible from where I stood.

Tunnel in the Charleroi metro ghost network.

Tunnel in the Charleroi metro ghost network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suddenly next to the chubby man appeared two white, drab ghosts that smelled of lavender. They looked at me. I started to shout at them but they said nothing. Then they turned into mountain like, giant, jumbo men. I was surprised. I started to run but I got lost in the maze like tunnel. Luckily I found another room which was very dirty whence I heard a sharp, hoarse, noisy but melodic sound. I hid there and suddenly one gigantic ghost appeared in front of me. I was petrified.

Then, the ghost caught me and took me into a tiny different room this time. I was tied up to a very filthy chair but I started to struggle. The ghost had a rusty knife in his hand to threaten me. I was scared but I trusted that I would escape. A bit later, out of nowhere there came a hissing noise and the ghost, puzzled, went to see what happened. I tried hard to free myself and I succeded. Meanwhile my crazy friends called the police who helped me to get out of the tunnel.

Since then I have not walked past that tunnel again …

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