“Happy last day!”house12

Story written by Adela S.

The breezy evening covered the noisy village, bringing croaky whispers telling me to fallow the wet way, to go toward the dark middle of the deep wood. I found there was a dusty house with slimy walls and broken windows. The door was gray and there was a raspy sound when opening the door.  My hand was frozen. A black cat ran in front of me causing powerful shivers in all my frightened to death body. A sad and melancholic melody could be heard like one forgotten and painful remembrance of a glorious life. The song played on, and a dusty piano accompanied a hoarse but sharp voice. Only one verse in my obstinate mind entered: ”Happy last day”. Those foolish and disturbing words refused to get out.

Without my wish something like a scary movie started. 533183~1There was a shaky and shaggy floor … then…a girl with black and curly hair, big blue eyes embodied from it somehow. Two dirty imprints of icy tears could be seen on her face.


From the greasy wall a wild wolf with red and rabid eyes took shape too and started to run after me. I ran hiding in a dark and chilly room.bloodbar

From the unstable ceiling hot drops of blood were falling on the smooth carpet. My knee became sore ,painful and yielding and for a short moment I decided that it was a brilliant idea to swoon. In my mind rang the scary words: ”Happy last day”, “Happy last day”. I got out from that unsteady room.

In the long and infinite hall I saw thousands and thousands of dolls with faces full of deep scars. Their damaged clothes had a powerful shade of red. But it wasn’t the clothes’ normal color: that red was caused by the blood: a hundred children’s blood.witchani

That was too much, and I said to myself: “Everything else but not another moment in this spooky house”. From my throat I heard a noisy and squealing scream uttering the same obsessive words: “Happy last day”.  The next second I didn’t hear anything anymore, the disturbing song stop. The dolls disappeared as well as the blood.

The house became just an old and untidy place  once again.

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