written by Diana Damaris I.  10thD

The cold air of the fresh winter blends with the charming and lively Christmas atmosphere…A new cheerful and ablaze destiny opens oneself to us. All around, one senses the inviting smell of cookies and cakes coming from the heated homes and also one can hear perky hilarious voices of children as well as the gentle voice of their jolly mother.ANIMATEDCHRISTMASBESTBLUESLEIGHEVER500f05A0I0p-Copygif

Near the bright Christmas tree, dashing candles spread a flavored smell of lavender and a dim, mysterious light throughout the adorned room is attractively perceived…

The quirky ornaments give an impressive aspect to the whole golden table.

There are a lot of tasty fruits that smell great!

We hear from outside a faint muffled song and when the fancy door opens, a cold and unwelcoming air penetrates our thick clothes, but the glamorous jolly carols heat us with their depth and melancholy. After the carolers leave our shiny street, it remains only a wide flat empty place, like a precious diamond in the dark immensity of a special night…DIANA DAMARIS.jpg1

Inside the bright house, merry grandparents tell their obedient grandchildren engaging charming stories and they all feel the delightful atmosphere of a perfect Christmas time. They also remember the captivating story of the small infant who came long time ago in our sinful world to save us. The telling of this impressive story makes the parents have a satisfied fulfilled smile on their face. They are all really happy when the family is complete ,together, and the Christmas time is for them an outstanding ,stupendous period of  a stressful year.

As for the children, Christmas comes with adorable charming presents, which makes Christmas evening even more special.

Christmas is, indeed, the most gorgeous and enjoyable feast!ANIMATEDCHRISTMASFORDIV0_a7983_f9f0a9-Copygif-1

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