The Perfect Christmas

By MIRIAM M.10th D

I enter the tiny room with fancy decoration in all places. Everything was gleaming. I felt like in heaven, I felt that the angels were sharing the evening with us. Jolly laughter, lovely faces to offer me the grace of Christmas.

I could not help noticing the handsome Christmas tree, which looked so proud, as if enjoying  being in the middle of attention for the cheerful, little children. Elegant candles were set on the rustic table and so much more…All that made me believe that our old table was alive!christmas-animated-gifs-05

A Christmas atmosphere is not complete without its mysterious presents.

This is how it was Christmas when I was just a tender, innocent

Now people are not the same, they are proud, they talk outrageously.-funny-cactus When the Christmas arrives they have a sharp smile on their face and show a fake happiness. They are generous for a couple of days, but after Christmas time they turn back to their defiant daily routine. All the lively, delightful people are changed into cold, wicked and unfriendly persons…

I’m dying to have that magical, perfect Christmas time again and again, all year long, incessantly… I’m dying to live over and over again the moments when we are not selfish anymore… I want the time when the poor orphan children sing together with the rich ones the Christmas songs, the carols, and they are sharing their childish laughter and joyous moments, which should be exhilarating and so precious for us all…bigsanta

This is the Christmas time we should all have whether children, teenagers, adults or very old…christmas-angel-2

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