This is the writer: MIRELA L.,10th C            mirela1Violence

                           Story written by Mirela L.

It’s December first, 5 a.m.

Everyone is sleeping….but in a room on the second floor the light is still on…

“I am so scared. Please just stop it! Why me? What have I done to you?” This was the voice of a teenage girl shouting from the room.

“ Shut up, you stupid girl! I have no time for your complaints….have you ever asked yourself how…I felt when…” he used the gun and the bullet arrived in Maya’s arm.

”I was so stupid! I should know that you cannot raise a girl by yourself ! You can only drink your money!” Maya shouted to her father.

“ Call 911….it hurts like hell!!!!” she added.

The poor girl was crying since 2 a.m. when her drunk father came into her room with a gun and started explaining why he had been drinking …and now he tried to kill her!anim6

All the neighbors started knocking on their door.

“ What’s happening ? What are you doing to the poor girl, you stupid man? Open the door!”

“Maya , just close your eyes, honey” said an old lady who imagined how scared the girl might feel right now, “close them and think of the best part of your favorite movie… I know you think it’s impossible …but just do it”.

The police and the ambulance finally arrived and they came running up the stairs…

“What’s happening here people?” They took Maya to the hospital and her father to the police precinct.


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