Moving-picture-fairie-with-butterflies-animated-gif    Bizarre Christmas

written by AGNES B.,10thD

It’s Christmas evening! The whole world is filled with magic. The snow is glowing like diamonds and the delicious smell of the creamy cookies is present everywhere.Neige

On a frozen window, a cute, little girl with curly, soft hair, shiny, blue eyes and glowing cheeks has pressed her curious nose against the glass and now she is looking full of delight at the graceful dance of the pearly snowflakes. She cannot remember loving anything more than Christmas. She always loved Christmas, maybe because she was born on the joyful Christmas day. Her name is Amy and she is only seven and this is always one of the best time in her life.f1

Some seconds later, Amy leaves the window for a better refuge: her daddy’s arms. She gives him a brilliant smile and he kisses her on her fluffy cheek. A colorful Christmas tree is awarding them with its presence.Animated-Xmas-tree-animation Suddenly they hear a loud knock on the door. Amy runs quickly and she opens the door. Her beloved grandfather is here. Amy begins to jump and her laughter sounds like thousand bells filling the house. They go together to the living room, where a rich, savory dinner is waiting. After a lot of funny discussions and a lot of amusement, the grandfather starts a Christmas story. At the end of it a crystal clear tear rolls on Amy’s cheek. Then, they sing a wonderful carol, and their angelic voices are priceless. After this moment of grace our little girl becomes nervous. fairy_hSlkvo1HHer eyes are focusing very often on the Christmas tree and on the glamorous gifts under it. Everybody seems to notice Amy’s wish and she finally gets the permission to open them.

Filled with joy, she feels like she is transposed to another world. And then, indeed… Amy hears her mother’s voice calling her. Amy is confused! They are in the same room, but her mother cannot see her! Why???

Then she realizes that everything around her seems so huge and that she is somehow suspended in the air. Amy can fly! This was always her wish… She flies up to a shiny ornament that hangs in the Christmas tree and she cannot believe what she sees: A fairy that looks exactly like her stares at her with big, blue eyes. She finally gets it. She was transformed into a fairy! On Christmas Day!F19

SHE IS A FAIRY!!!Amy is so happy! Is this one of the magical gifts she was offered? But then she looks down to her parents and she sees that they are very sad because they can not find her. And their sadness fills Amy’s eyes with tears.

Suddenly a golden star begins speaking with Amy. It tells her that all she has to do is say: “I wish I was a girl!” and she would be a girl again, or “I wish I were a fairy!” and so she would come back to the fairy world whenever she felt like it! Amy decides to go back to the world of humans and when she is back there again she tells her parents about her incredible experience. They are amazed but also very happy for Amy.tinkerbell

In that dreamlike night Amy takes the decision to be at times a good, supportive fairy that always helps people out or a very good normal girl some other times!


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