Written by ANDRADA,10th C

Family is the main, basic social group we all belong to(or should!),the only natural and the most significant one because it will prepare the child to face the real world. Apart from  that, the family signifies love, understanding, compassion, support. You become more powerful with some generous people who help you or, in their absence, the very idea of “parents” can make you pick up the pieces when you are down and move on! So, we can discuss this theme from countless perspectives.

Firstly, I love to see a numerous family made of delightful people who love each other. This is the ideal family even if it’s a modern family or one in the old style. In one of those families a child is cheerful, faithful, fearless, generous and righteous. The parents too are fair, frank and compassionate. The strong relationship between children and parents make the family appear as an “ideal” one.

However, there are children or adults who want this badly but it’s not possible.

WHY? What’s wrong? This is the moment when both parents and children appreciate any gesture of faith, any kind word addressed to them. The absence of any kindness can cause them to have in the future either a pure heart or a poisoned bitter one. They could become stronger or weaker and probably a little envious because they haven’t our opportunities. FAMILY

There are also those ”families”, where a group of people simply live together but everybody is disturbed, selfish, secretive and restless.

“We can choose our friends, but not the family”. I think that this problem can be repaired because sometimes we call our friends ”my family”, so, why can’t I choose to call my brother ”my family”? We must try ! In these families the children are tense, troubled and weak, the parents are aggressive, disturbed and irritated. “All the happy families are the same, but the sad families are sad in every way”.

I consider that the family never lets you down, even if you realize that you must leave. There are people who don’t’ want to create a family and others who are ”mad enough” to have a family as soon as possible.

Having  a family means you are eternal, through ancestry, and descendants…


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