Eternal   Love

Written by MIHAELA-DIANA I.,10th C

Love is the most beautiful, gingery, fruity and sweet feeling we can ever experience.

Maria is a young and lively woman who knows that love can change her lonely and monotonous life. Maria was waiting for her prince every long day and every single night. She knew that  one of these lonesome days, he will come.

It was an icy and foggy night! And in that fuzzy and terrible night Maria prayed to God again to be given one fearless prince who would scatter her loneliness away. She made this prayer every creepy night, but she felt that something strange would happen that particular quiet time. She was sleeping, dreaming about  her prince savior, when she felt something really mysterious next to her. One smooth and gentle hand caressed her neck. She was convinced it touched her frail neck. She woke up, but she did not see anyone. Since then, every night she had the same sensation and she heard melodious sounds. She told to her modern and superstitious mother what she felt and heard. Instead of offering support, her dear mother said that her delightful daughter was mad. Hearing this, Maria was very sad.ETERNAL LOVE

The next night, the story repeated itself. She woke up and she began crying. In that moment a tall, beautiful, blond man with blue eyes appeared. Maria fell in love after the first glance. His name was Lucky. He told her that he was a spirit who loved her beauty, her kindness and he loved her. Maria was very happy and brave. She told him  she would do anything to be together. He replied there was only one possibility for them to be together. Suddenly, Maria smiled and her answer was:”Nothing is enough for love!”. Then, she laid on the bed and Lucky took Maria’s hand and they became one spirit to fly about in order to find true love.

When Maria’s mother saw her body, she realized that her ‘mad’ daughter was crazy for love, not actually lunatic…

Since then, they fly together in the azure sky and sometimes they visit their houses and they also haunt  the lines of this text with their love… This is true love… Space, time or bad opinions don’t matter…




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