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                                     Written by IONUT N.,10th C

          Adolescence is short and sweet in life, when everything is allowed , when your dreams are fulfilled. You leave your worries aside, and by simply clapping your hands, whether you want it or not, you accomplish.

      Adolescence is that time when your happy future opens the way towards the golden sun.

     Only there could be clouds on the sky of in the scorching summer.

     Adolescence is when your soul is not relaxed and safe in front of someone you love or when everything seems more alive, more colourful, more intense.

And then you will have that bud life of yours about to bloom, to reach adulthood and to shine.     

However, you are struck by the reality, you no longer can be the child from a past time anymore, you can’t cry any longer and believe or make believe that nothing happened.GREEN1

It is no longer secure, everything changes and yet you are all the same not surprised, nothing scares you.

 Adolescence is also the most beautiful period of life and this is a pleasant thing for everybody. Teenagers experience some unique feelings, feelings that most likely they’re going to go through in a unique and personal way.     

Adolescence is a transitional period between the childhood phase and maturity of the individual, and it makes its debut with psychological changes. At the same time adolescence is an age of great ideals…IONUT NINI,10C4

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