Written by BOGDAN W.10th C

A ‘teenager’ undergoes the transition from childhood to adulthood and it is hard. This is a critical time for ‘children’ as they begin to change their behavior and for Andy this is a critical moment. Andy is 15 years old and he is student.

Andy began to no longer get along with his parents. He began to have an offensive attitude towards them and he started to defy them too. He became stubborn.

One day, Andy was scolded by his mother and he ran away from home. He remained alone on the streets. He went to the station and slept in the cold night , on the pavement. The next morning he was very hungry. He did not know what to do. He thought that had to steal. He went into a supermarket and tried to steal something but he was seen by the surveillance cameras.



Suddenly he heard the police siren. Very scared, he started running. The police were on his trail. He ran through the buildings and suddenly he slipped and fell into a huge hole. The police did not see him. Trying to get out of the hole he saw a man who was passing through the area.

The man helped him to get out of the hole but suddenly Andy fainted. The man panicked and took Andy to the hospital. Meanwhile Andy’s parents were very frightened for their child. Then they got a call from the hospital to let them know Andy was there. They went very quickly to the hospital and saw Andy in a critical condition. In a few days Andy recovered and returned back home to his family.

Now Andy understands how important family is. Since then Andy has radically changed and he has become a common teenager, with a normal behavior. Now he respects his parents and loves them very much.BOGDAN WEBER,10C,FUN4

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