Written by AGNES B.,10th D

She never expected that! She couldn’t allow herself to dream that Landon Blake would still love her after all that happened!!! One year ago, Ashley took the worst decision in her life. She decided to go to Paris where she wanted to start a career as an artist.

So she left her family and her broken hearted prince-Landon- behind and she went to the mysterious Paris. But all she found there was pain and mockery, and after one year of hell she decided to come back home and ask for forgiveness, because as long as she was in Paris she never called home, or talked with anybody known she felt as an outsider.

And now that she was here again and her family was so glad to see her and they greeted her with love, Ashley had another surprise. She never thought that the perfect guy in the neighborhood, who always loved her, would still do.angel_in_love

It happened yesterday… She was on her way home, after work, and they met on the street. First, he stared at her with his big, black eyes, like he couldn’t believe what he saw. But then, when he realized she was real, joy filled his face and everything that his eyes expressed was: love.


Ashley and Landon hugged and then they spent two hours by talking with each other. In those hours, Ashley realized that she was such a stupid girl because she rejected him for so many years, and because she left this precious man for Paris.

And so, at the end of the evening when he asked for a date, Ashley said a big, happy YES. Landon couldn’t believe that, so he asked again, to be sure. And she told him, that he heard right, she had said yes. On Saturday he came and picked Ashley at 8 PM and they went to a delicious restaurant where she told him about every detail and second in her life that he missed and he did the same.

They spent a magic evening together, and that is the way one of the most beautiful love story in the world has begun…


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