What am I?

Written by BIANCA C.,10th C

Some people call me a fool, others clever, so I just took those wonderful names and transformed them into another powerfull one:  just call me their SOUL or even better,YOUR SOUL…

I am just an open spirit that lives in your body. Every soul has its own different and perfect bodies. I don’t have a job, so I guess I’m lucky if I can live a healthy and awesome life without worrying about money. Actual people are just so maniac, ‘running’ all the time to get some filthy money.

I wished I could just rest all day long and not to have to worry about anything, but as every little thing on this lively earth, I was sent here with a specific purpose: to make people feeling things…

I’ve experienced everything: from happy moments, hilarious ones, moments when I’ve felt brave to ones when I felt like I was going crazy…

One creepy emotion makes me feel so weak and just as helpless though. I’ve heard it in so many languages that I don’t even know how to call it anymore: love, amour, lieben… It doesn’t matter in what language I hear it, every time I hear this pleasant word, my body starts acting embarrassingly. I think this body was once in love, his brain was puzzled that time and his stomach was making silly noises. First, I thought it was hunger, but when I saw the angelic and fragile heart  beating 10 times  faster  I knew it was a different feeling from what I’d experienced before.

FINESSE      I was getting excited every time I thought about him, but the thing is… I’d never seen his famous face. Could someone love something if they never met? Well… maybe, it could be like a mother that loves her child from the first minute even if she can’t see him for 9 months. I continued counting the months hoping that I would see him when I reached to 9. But then something happened, the immortal love story went gone exactly 2 days before the 9 months were over.

I was so upset that I couldn’t stop from crying, I felt guilty for making this gorgeous body cry, but I couldn’t help it… not even now, 3 months later I’m not completely healed even though I gave this sparkling person a rest  …

I just hope I would meet that delightful feeling again… so I can shine again.


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