ROBOTS TAKE CONTROL!

                     Written by IOANA B,10th D

Have you ever been misunderstood and all you needed was someone who can understand you? Have you ever felt alone with a lot of people around you? Have you ever tried to find a person who can feel you what you feel? The empathic robot is the answer!

How much does it costs? Around 50.000$. Americans have ordered 10.000 pieces already. The scientists are excited about their product`s popularity and they estimate that the sales will increase to 100.000 till the end of the year. The empathic robot will hug you and tell you encouraging phrases. It has tears and high pulse sensors… When it feels you crying or stressed, it will hug you ant tell you that everything will be ok. It knows where you are because of his camera which detects body heat…

When it will be delivered? The robot is just a prototype, so, the delivery will take about half a year but we guarantee it will worth waiting all this time!!!


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