Written by Georgiana G.,10th C

            When you start reading this article, do you have many ideas about DRUGS in your mind? Of course my friend… 🙂 Have you ever heard about wildlife on the streets or about the nightlife in the city, in your own city? Have you ever got out in your city at night? Of course, or if not, you haven’t lost anything!CAT FANTASY

            Our generation associates playing outside with the night life spent in a club and this is a very confusing mistake. If only dancing and discussing took place in there, it would not be anything bad , but the teens are still too young to decide what is good and what is bad for their body and their soul…and things DO GO WRONG! Did you see drunk girls ?Yes , the girls , they’re supposed to be elegant and refined , but today the girls no longer cook like their mother , they drink like their dad! Why do we have to live this type of life? I don’t know and I don’t care! (BUT I DO!!!)RESCUE

 What about you? Did you see people to be high in the clubs, or on the streets, people who are on drugs? I’ll tell you, they are there, all night , EVERY NIGHT, again and again… Do you know anything about drugs? They are illegal for many reasons… And when you look at this picture you realize smoking seems the most innocent of all vices…

            What can you tell me about nightlife in your city? Does it look like this? I hope not…


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