The book is alive!

Written by ADELA B.,9th C

Ohh! I don’t want to read this book! It is so boring! It would be more interesting if the book was alive! I want to go to bed, good night book, see you next year!

So here I am, feeling more relaxted but there is a big big problem: my teacher wants me to talk about the book and I have no idea what this book contains! I told my mother to bring me some coffee and to have, while reading, a little bit of distraction.

‘Hello, book! I really don’t want to read you but i have no choice!.’

‘So? Don’t do it!’

‘Who is here? And with whom am I talking?’

‘With me…the book, stupid girl!’LADY IN WAITING

In my mind i was saying that it was very strange and I should go and sleep again, it was sure that I wasn’t feeling quite well! But, because I’m a genius, I had one brillient idea…I will ask the book to tell me the whole story!!! Now I’m gonna find out what this book is about and my teacher will be very surprised! So here I am, talking to the book!

‘I’m sorry, dear and sweet book but I don’t know to read (I was totally lying), so how can I read you?’

‘Aww! Pour girl! It doesn’t matter, I will tell you about my story!’

‘It will be great, I don’t have words to describe how much you help me! (now who is the stupid one? Muhaha!)’

‘She’ started talking and talking and talking untill she finished. Great, now I will never read again. Because the book is alive and, of course, I am a very good actress!

If the books were alive then the people would never read and our minds wouldn’t be so smart!


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