Teenagers and Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

               Written by ADINA D.,10th E

In my opinion, nowadays, a lot of teenagers smoke, get drugs and drink because they think that it is very cool or something like this.

Firstly, some of them smoke and do other similar things because they want to get some attention. They want to be accepted. Sometimes they start smoking, drinking and getting drugs because they are made to do that by their friends. If in their group of friends there are persons who smoke, it’s almost sure they will start it too.

Secondly, there are those teenagers who don’t let their friends  influence them. They are strong and they know that this is bad and wrong. I see a lot of teenagers smoking and drinking, acting ‘cool’ and they look like they don’t care. Some people think that smoking makes you awesome and great. I don’t see anything good about that. I don’t find getting high on drugs so fantastic like some others. Teenagers should know that  the drugs and the alcohol are dangerous. They can start up controlling your mind and you become addicted. You really lose your mind. I have friends who smoke and drink, but I don’t know people who get drugs.

To summarize, every addiction is terrible for your health. You should have a fit life. These addictions could turn you into somebody else. It’s better not to start things like this at all.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t let these things control ourselves. Everybody should know that they make awful changes to their body and soul,but if they prefer it, it’s ok, because it’s their life,their choice after all…



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