I’M FLYING…

                       Written by ADINA D.,10th E


I am flying…The sky is soo blue and I feel the soft clouds touching my fingers.

I feel that I’m a bird, I can do anything! The whole world is mine! I’m in a fantastic mood and I feel very energetic!

First, I thought it was a dream, but I realised that I’m really flying! I would go to visit a lot of countries, to see new places and meet new people! Nobody can stop me! Now that I can fly, I can go away, wherever and whenever! I’m flying and I’m  playing with some birds. Now they are my friends! I could spend all my time doing this! A lifetime! I love to feel the sky so close to me! I would have never believed that I could fly! I let myself in the wind’s way! I don’t have the control anymore! I’m just waiting to see where I will go. Everything seems soo small from up here! It’s like I’m the biggest in the whole world and everybody else is so little and under my control! I hope that this will never end! I like to fly, I feel really free and there is just myself and the infinite freedoom! I wish that I could fly forever, it feels breathtaking!

Suddently, my dream stopped! I fell from the big sky and wake up in my bed! It’s impossible!!! Everything was just a dream?? But…it seemed so real! It was really unbelievable! For some time I felt like I was really flying! Like I was a bird! And it was awesome! I’m very dissapointed that it was just a simple dream… But, who knows? Maybe one day I will be capable to fly again…and not just in my dream…


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