Written by ALINA B.,10th C

Did you hear what happened last night?

I saw last night, when I went home, a scuffle between two drunken teenagers. They left the club and started to argue because one of them was smoking. The teenagers were about 15 years old.

What do you think about teenagers who drink alcohol?

Maybe they think they look more mature, but they don’t because when you drink, your mind is affected.

What is a teenager’s night like?

This depends on each one of us .  Modern teenagers go to clubs where they drink, smoke or in the worst case they consume drugs. Here they become the most talented dancers and singers in the world.

This type of nightlife is a good thing until it becomes something bad because when teenagers are drunk or worse, if they got addicted, they make things that they will regret later.

How was your night life when you were young?

I remember our nights when we used to meet at my cousin’s, Dan, and we  laughed for ours. The old people tell the younger ones how they should enjoy/live their life. They remember, they know.

What do parents think about their children’s night life?

Girls’ parents are more sever than the boys’ parents. I think they are sleeping when their boys come home.

The responsible parents give their daughters an hour when they should  be home.

How will be life if teenagers do not go to clubs?

Parents will be calmer, the youngsters will be safer and the bosses of the clubs will remain without money…


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