It should not have happened probably but it DID HAPPEN…

Who are we to judge??? We are not GOD…

It did happen…

Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY1

 A Miracle in Our Lives

Written by LAVINIA,11th D

It’s hard to express in words the feelings I have at the moment towards B. MY CHILD!!!

He’s the angel who appeared in my life , much quicker than I expected. It was an extremely delicate situation for me , but GOD and my loved ones gave me all the force that I needed and I matured and I learned to fight for B’s life… For us he is more important than anything in this world.LITTLE ANGEL,11D.5.jp6

Even if I had the impression that I was on the edge and there was no way back, I tried to be more powerful and to ignore all the bad words thrown at me in order not to harm B. and I did everything I could to protect my child….It was the most difficult period of my life, but with the help of my boyfriend and our family things went much easier…LITTLE ANGEL,11D.4

Now, the whole family is around him, all looking forward to see him and love him unconditionally. I realized that he is not a disappointment; Baby B. is the greatest achievement and joy of our lives…Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY2

B. is an energetic child who is waiting for me at home every day and welcomes me with sincere smiles and warm hugs. Though he is only one year old, he means any gesture and every word. Before his appearing in our lives we did not know to appreciate the little things in life , but now any gesture he makes or any ‘word’ he says is a reason for joy and excitement for us.Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY3

I could have never believed that so much love was possible. Never could I have guessed  that I would feel for him THE WAY I DO and I am surprised to see him daily as he ‘confesses’ his love towards me and his father the way he knows and he’s able to. He demonstrates this to us through small acts which have an extremely important meaning for us.Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY4

He has shaped our lives differently and now we can’t see life without him. I miss him even when he sleeps; I’m looking forward to his waking up to play together. I love to bring him new things and he radiates happiness when we see each other…

We are a young family, at the beginning of one long and difficult road, but through love and faith we will achieve beautiful things and we’ll grow in peace.


Popa Lavinia XI D.-FAMILY4

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