Teenagers and Bad Habits

Written by OVIDIU G.10th E

Bad habits are pathetic. I don’t understand, if you drink alcohol every day and get drunk and if you smoke every day until you die, or if you consume drugs, how this will help you. Many people say that drugs are useful; that when you are ‘high’ you are teleported into a dream world where there are no problems, where all what you have ever wished for, will happen.

Firstly, there are many people who spend their money on cigarettes and alcohol and after that they don’t have anything to eat. I think that these kinds of people are a little bit crazy and probably they have a problem with their mind. Why spend money on some things that don’t help you but they hurt you? It is very strange how the humans don’t understand these things; I consider that more and more people do not think! All my family smoke and every month they spend a fortune on cigarettes. I believe that with that money we can buy a car every year but they don’t understand that and they say that they can’t live without cigarettes.

Secondly, nowadays there are many children, teenagers who smoke, drink alcohol and consume drugs. I know some teenagers who stole money from their own parents to buy drugs and after that they died because they jumped in front of a car. These things are very shocking .If you ‘try’ one ‘SPECIALcigarette for instance you will regret it later because you will become dependent, addicted. If you smoke for years you can wake up that you have cancer and you will die. If you go to the parties and get drunk you can do a lot of terrible things. I know about teens who were drunk at parties and they jumped from the roof of the house and died.

In conclusion, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are the worst things ever.

My advice is to SIMPLY AVOID THEM, because once you have consumed one of them, it will be very hard to stop.GALDEANU,10E.5

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