THIS IS THE WRITERRAUL BISCA,11D,                 My super-hero

         Written by RAUL B.,11th D

            Have you ever seen a super-hero? I think that yes, because everyone has seen one on TV, but have you ever met one in reality? I really don’t know about you, but I live with my super-hero in the same house! Maybe if I ask you about who he or she is you’ll fail to give me the right answer so I’ll just tell you the truth:

 My super-hero is my mom!!!

 Wait! WHAT? Your mom? Is she an alien or something like this?

 NO! She’s human and she hasn’t got special powers, costumes or abilities!!! She’s just the best mom in the world and that’s not all about her!!!MOM1

 Why do I call her my super-hero or why is she my life model? It’s simple! She is beautiful, kind to other people, very smart and she is fashionable too!!! But these ones aren’t the best reasons for which she’s a hero. Sometimes, when I look into her eyes I see a special light that shines all the time which gives me power and makes me happy!!!

            What I’ve always called special about her is that she’s not just my mom, she’s my favorite chef, the best cleaner, a great student, the most intelligent psychologist, the best worker, a woman with a lot of style and finally my best friend!!! Maybe a lot of people see her like a normal woman but her friends have always known that she has something special and different!!! Since I was a little child, I’ve known that she’s my protective angel and that she’s the hero that has brought me with the legs on Earth. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love her, but I think that she already knows …

            As I said that she’s my best friend, even if I’m already 16 and I’m close to becoming an adult. I find peace and calm and my happiness in her arms. She understands my immature behavior, she’s there for me when I’m in love… I’ve always told her about how I’ve fallen in love and she always gives me the best pieces of advice for my situations and especially for my future.

I think that she’s more that an angel, because she’s there when I’m happy, she’s there when I’m sad, she’s there when I lose myself, she’s there when I learn, when I eat, when I fall, when I cry, when I have an exam, when I play basketball and she’ll always be in my hear!!!MOM2

            She’s my mom, her name is A. and I love her and my dad more than anything in this world…

poza noi-BISCA RAUL,11D11

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