Cutting Classes

               written by AMALIA S.,1Oth D

I remember the first time I didn’t go to school because I decided to take a day off, and not just any day, but my birthday!

I woke up with some crazy ideas in my mind, and even I was surprised by my unusual thoughts. I was always the well-behaved girl in my class, and for one day, I just wanted to make my birthday a sparkling one! And that’s exactly what I did!

My best friend showed up at my door with a big cake that morning, and I shared my plans with her for that day! She was so surprised, I could see it in her eyes, but deep down I knew she was super excited to do something rebellious! I wanted all for my birthday that year: sun, fun and friends!

So we decided to go to a private pool, which was above the highest building in town! We dressed with my mom’s clothes, put on big sunglasses and fancy hats. I didn’t think for one second that something could go wrong, we even got through the scary doorman who let us inside without IDs, thanks to my best friend’s white lies.

I felt nothing but joy and freedom that day, until I took my hat and sunglasses off and jumped in the pool right next to my young and good looking physics teacher! All that joy seemed to go away, and I panicked! He had a judgmental look in his eyes, but I smiled nicely and explained that it was my birthday, and all I wanted was to be a rule breaker for one day! I was the luckiest person that day, when his judgmental look disappeared and he smiled at me and wished me “Happy Birthday” and said that being a rule breaker sometimes it’s what makes our life more interesting, as long as there are no consequences, and that it was ok what I did as long as it was not going to repeat again!AMALIA SLEVAS,10D2

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