lavinia ioana ,9c.1


Written by LAVINIA IOANA,9th C


Love is like a firework that shines in the sky,

Hate is the darkness but don’t worry, don’t cry!

Good always wins and one day you will fly

like this perfect and magnificent butterfly.

Somehow the evil will disappear and I

will be happy to tell him my precious goodbye.

            Bye, bye my impossible night,

            sorry, but it’s time for the light.

            And this beautiful color, white,

            will fight

            for our human right.

Because when bad things happen our feelings are weird

Truth is untruth, and people become feared.

Lies are everywhere and if you’re a different kid,

They judge you for what you did.

            But yes, I’m proud of me

            Because it’s how it is supposed to be.

 lavinia ioana ,9c

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