“I guess my life was interesting enough for                                            one day!”

                                 Written by DAN P.,9th C

I want to become an interesting person so I decided to make more exercises to build up a macho body. After a few push ups I felt too exhausted to continue. Exercises weren`t good…. They took too much time to give results…

I started to think: “ what else can I do to make myself more interesting???” the answer came in, like a wreaking ball and knocked me to the ground. I was still shocked upon impact but I could clearly see a basketball next to me. “ I can be a basketball star” I thought while I was trying to stand up with some help from my classmates…

A shocking truth paralyzed me when I realized that it will be even more difficult than my previous plan.

I guess…I pasted out… I woke up in surgery with this thought in my mind: “I guess my life was interesting enough for one day!”


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