diana damaris,10d1


     Written by DIANA DAMARIS,10th D


A scary shadow born from a big river,

Came to me to whisper something new:

It saw another shadow from the moon

Who followed me and tried to catch my hand.


 It can only touch my shoes  

Because… I don’t know… it’s too small…

The first big shadow stands in front of me

But the little strange shadow is still following me!


I ask then: ‘Why the moon is closer?’

But when I went down the dark street

Both of them –shadows- leave me!

I ask the moon: ‘You ate them both again?’


diana damaris,10d3


Written by DIANA DAMARIS,10th D

I am in heaven now.

I’m not a simple girl

I can see now inside myself

I see how I can have more love,

More courage to be wiser

More than  down there, on  earth.

I’m not a simple girl, my life is larger,

 more beautiful than I believed it could have been.

The heaven is all I dream,

Because the darkness is now light

And now all that I can see,

It is the best, it is reality!


diana damaris,10d4

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