Written by ANNAMARIA T.,10th D


Cartoons had a powerful influence on us in our golden years: the childhood. We all loved them deeply and we all watched them motionless with sparkling eyes even if we didn’t understand too much.

One of the greatest mystery in my life is how come our favorite cartoons unexpectedly began when dinner or lunch was ready! Or maybe it was just a brilliant excuse to skip dinner and we would hopeful yell “but mom, my favorite show is on”! Admit it, we all did it shamelessly.

Maybe, as kids we liked cartoons that much because of the impossible being possible: ghosts, talking dogs, surviving  a mortal jump, characters killed in an episode and alive in the next one, and the most shocking one, cartoons taught us that if a massive iron falls right on your head, you will survive, for sure.

And much more! Like breathing underwater or in the cosmic space, talking to animals is absolutely normal, a prince will kiss you and suddenly you’re married. But for us, as kids, everything was absolutely normal.ANNAMARIA TARTAREANU13

Older cartoons taught us to be jolly,  to help each other, our friends and family. And no, I’m not talking about Mickey Mouse Club. I find out that cartoons are a meaningless bunch of unimportant dialogues, as if kids were retarded.

Today’s cartoons’ biggest problem is that nothing has a drop of originality and they’re trying too hard to reproduce reality, which is not the actual point of cartoons. This is my opinion at least.

I consider that the crazier and unrealistic the cartoons may be, the better. After all, this is the true beauty of cartoons. To destroy any barriers of our mind and  set our intelligence on the infinite road of imagination, to set us free. Their purpose should be to take us away from our monotonous, boring daily schedule.  We all need to get out of the cage and be a little crazy. OR MORE???

And, that’s all folks!


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