andrada POPA,10C1


Written by ANDRADA,10th C

There is something black or white 

In our lives at midnight. 

We feel hot or cold or strange

We can’t find the source of knowledge.

If the moon didn’t come

And the sun died in flame

 I feel the same

When my answers 

Become problems.

Is it bright the ice?

Can darkness be the fire?

I will say this thing twice:

“Our <<rational>> mind is a big liar”

Don’t hate

Don’t love too late

This is our existence…

Don’t become tense !

Just live!

Just laugh!

Just love ! 

 andrada POPA,10C3


Written by ANDRADA ,10th C


Yesterday there was a tornado 

And I felt ”terminado”

I can’t see no more..

What are you waiting for?

Don’t you want to help me?

Can’t you see?

I’m on the floor 

Close the door

Only you must  see me…

With you, I feel free

My shadow, my smoke, my pills 

With you I don’t need a SIS

My black shadow, I feel weak

I need a trick ! 

I don’t feel my feet

There is a terrible heat

It’s so hot…

I have a simple thought

If I’m in inferno

What I should do?

Yes, to pass ”rapido”

My shadow, I’m an angel, I’m so immaculate 

You are black and  so close,


The light

The night

I burn

I turn

I hope


andrada POPA,10C4

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