Broken heart

                                     Written by  CRISTINA,9th C

      I’ll like to tell you something

        I’d better keep hidden inside

        I wish I could do everything right

        But there’s no one to listen to me.


I’d love to be with you, have you near me

It would be a “happy curse”

My heart was on fire when you told me:

“I Love U !!! ”

I was flying , I was on the top of the world

But I fell off.


Today I prefer to keep silent again

Because there is no point

Valentine’s Day will be just me and our song

A chocolate and your memory ,like a ghost.


You know that I love you, I wait you

But I’m afraid that you’ll hurt me again

Because you have bullets in your words

And you will me hurt me worse.CRISTINA,9C.JPG7


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