madalina craciun,10d2


Written by MADALINA,10th D

The once was a crocodile who could talk
It swam so fast like a clock
He  had a lot of golden scales 
Which were sharp like the nails
But it was hit by a sock

madalina craciun,10d8

There once was a man from Greece
And he was alone on the streets
I  believe he ate a cat
Because he was big and fat
Of course , he loved the sweets and to eat

madalina craciun,10d6

A fragile winter butterfly
Had met with a small firefly 
They flew away as far as heaven
But ‘cause of frost they were dead and
they couldn’t touch the perfect sky

madalina craciun,10d7

Old mother of mine flees so quickly
Even if it is so suddenly
She wanted to catch her son
Which is colored all in brown
But  a small white patch

madalina craciun,10d9

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