ioana CATELINA,10C8


Written by IOANA C.,10th C


There once was a man from Greece

    Who wanted to go to his friend Trish

    He wanted a lot of money

    But he had only a few little boxes of honey

    And this can’t be funny.

ioana CATELINA,10C2

A fragile winter butterfly

    Who lived for one single day 

    Says now goodbye.

    He wanted not to die

    But  God needed

    A beautiful butterfly, up in the sky.

ioana CATELINA,10C3 

The unspoken word

Of one small bird

Wanted to be spoken

Because it felt choked

And very broke.

 ioana CATELINA,10C4

She wants to confess her feelings

To her friend who feels like a king 

And wants not to sing 

Like a hurt bird 

Who knows nothing of the world.

ioana CATELINA,10C5

Old Mother Goose

Who likes to drink a lot of juice

Searches now for her cruse 

But her friend the moose

Stole her cruse

And can no longer fill it with juice.

When  Mother Goose

Found her cruse

This was full of mousse

Of orange juice

ioana CATELINA,10C1


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