About ushappy_pencil_Vector_Clipart

We are just  regular students,  students like any other .

We write stories,letters,essays ,you name it.creative-writing-contest-banner

These stories written by us are meant to be a starting point for those seeking for ideas, guidelines and even more knowledge.


They are not perfect as we are still learning English  but they should be a good example, for those who need it.

We  suggest you to try your best in making your own stories,articles,letters…

Stop thinking about the mistakes, everyone makes them.

Stop thinking it won’t be good, anyone is good in his own way and, beside that, you’ll never know if you never try.

It’s better to try and fail than never try it.writing-club

So grab a pen and paper and Imagine, Write, Read, Inspire, Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Good luck!


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