Fright Nighta-paranormal-investigation

by Andrei 

It’s the middle of the night. Suddenly I hear a noise . At first I wake up afraid but I couldn’t see anything in the room.  I felt a cold thrill though. Then I began to tremble, and I heard a whisper in my ear, a sinister voice said: “Gone!, Gone!”.cloth-ghosts-phobias-After that I was terribly scared and I started to scream. My parents entered my room and they were scared too. I thought I was dreaming and I went  back to sleep.

One day I saw a movie “Paranormal activity“.The action of this movie looks much like my nightmare.Tonight I decided to stay awake.Suddenly at two o’clock the television is off, and the light disappeared.ghosts Moreover, I heard again that grim voice.Therefore I got out of the bed to try turn on the TV but I was pushed by something and I fell.Consequently I was hurt but mostly scared.medd_01_img0059

Later I got up and I ran out. Eventually I searched on the net about ghosts and about the place where i lived.I found that on these places were killed hundreds of people in the second world war.1st-page-paranormalIn the end we moved to another house where there have been no incidents.

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