by Biancadrowning_woman_by_gitoku-dn6vau_large

Please help ! I don’t know to swim. At first I tried to get closer to the ship. I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to swim.

After that I tried to breath, to calm down. I was holding to that piece of wood and screaming for help. Nobody seemed to hear me. The ship was passing by me.

I remember this. One night I woke up trembling. I had a nightmare.Samsung It’s like the nightmare was repeating. I was drowning, just like now. But I have to survive ! Not like in my dream, where I had nothing to hold on to and I should find something to make sure it saves me from drowning! THE PIECE OF WOOD! I’LL SURVIVE!

Suddenly the ship stopped. A loud siren started. It scared me. I almost dropped that piece of wood. The siren was coming from the ship.woodandripples

Moreover I started to see a red light spinning. It came from the boat too! Did they see me? I hope they did, because the water is so cold. It’s autumn.  Some small boats were descended from the ship. Did they came to save me? I started to scream again. Maybe the will hear me now. My fingers were frozen. I couldn’t feel them anymore. My eyes started to close. ‘ No ‘ I said to myself, ‘ They are coming to rescue me, I can’t give up now! I stayed here for so long, how can I back up in this moment? ‘. Consequently I held more tightly to that wood piece, like I was holding to my life. Well, I was. I was feeling like on the Titanic.

After that I heard someone who was screaming my name. Dad? Yes, it was  him. He and other unknown men were coming to get me with on a small boat.noyade-tunisien

My father’s hands caught mine and he lifted me in the orange boat.jesus-on-water

In the end I remembered how I fell. I was pushed. The one who pushed me will pay !

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