Me, I and myself

by Andrada,9C

It’s the  middle of the night. Suddenly, I heard a noise. At first, I lit the light: nothing.scared

Then, silence, but not a good silence. I felt that somebody was there. I woke up and I went to the kitchen. On the stairs I found my clothes, I took them and I went to put them  in my bedroom. After that, I saw a  light, a strange light. I knew that what would happen would be very bad. But no, nothing  happened that night .CASPER Three days passed and nothing. One day, I felt that somebody was behind my back,  but it was Max, my doggy. Suddenly, Max started to jump and he was very violent. Moreover, he looked at me very nervous .He stopped, but I was very confused. Therefore, I followed   my dog, but all was normal, it was another problem. Consequently, I stayed at home more  , I watched everything in my house , but there was nothing strange. Probably, there was my imagination, my bad mind. I-m-Happy-keep-smiling-Some days everything was Ok and some other days I felt bad and a strange presence as well. I was busy, tired, stressed, alone and probably my mind searched for somebody. Max probably took my clothes, he was nervous too because I hadn’t stayed  with him more ,  and then… the light.. from  a car. Nevertheless, I continued to be stressed. But, on Monday I met somebody, a nice person who made me feel  more energetic and relieved a lot of stress.  Nothing  happened  though.HappinessFlowchartWeb

Eventually, I was happier,  I had always a smile on my face  and I never felt tired. In the end, I learned to make myself happy and of course with the help of my friends, because it was no good to be alone and unhappy. happy_face_clipart_18ME_293_WantYouToBeHappyRelated articles

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