Waking up in an abnormal world

                                                                         by Ovidiu, 12 C

clip_image002 People are crazy. What should I do about that ? Everyone is thinking about how they can reach to the top of the pyramid, how they can earn more and more MONEY in the easiest way Money  IS the key word that drives our society in these days. At least that was what I thought…

Two weeks ago, I woke up as  every morning and, as most people ,the only thought that I had was : “What should I do today at the office ?”. So, I dressed up quickly and I prepared my stuff for work.

But, it looked like nobody was in the house. I couldn’t find my wife or my child and I was beginning to worry about them because every morning I was the first one to leave the house. My phone was dead too, and it looked like the electricity was gone. What was happening ? I was heading to the door to see if someone’s having the same problem as me.

When I opened that door, it was like hell. Everywhere I looked, I saw people running ,running away from other people, injured women and kids and buildings on fire.running-scared

The next moment I only had one thought : “That’s IT, Mike, that’s how the world’s ending”. “But I’m not dying without a fight. It’s not me, I need to fight and find my family !”

After that little moment of thinking I heard someone  yelling at me : “Run ! Run ! They’re coming !”people-running

I hid under the bed and a few seconds later a man broke my window and entered  the house to look for me. I could see his face and he wasn’t human anymore.images (1)

I thought that it was a good place to hide, but ,not to hide from him. He found me and dragged me outside and in the next moment he was trying to bite me. I was trying to fight for my life but he was much stronger than me and I had nothing  to protect myself against him with. When we fought I can say that I saw my entire life through my eyes in just a few seconds.k12546455

Adrenaline was flowing through my veins and I couldn’t see anything, I was just trying to escape. All I could hear was a gunshot and the man fell near me. That man was from the military and  that day, he was my guardian angel.angel2_red

He took me and told me that some kind of virus was released in the world by mistake and there was  nothing to do, we needed to run. After a couple of  hundred meters we arrived at the helicopter who took us to a military base, a safe place. I found there my family and they told me that they had tried to wake me up but I was unconscious. I was so relieved when I saw them.

Now, I’m in the same place, writing this for you and wondering how long I will last on this base because they are coming for us…gulliverRelated articles

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